Sarah Harding got engaged recently, and we have been dying for a picture of the British singer’s ring. Well! We finally saw it! As the beautiful singer walked through the airport she hung on to her new fiancee, and that’s when the ring was spotted.

There is a close up of her ring, but it is rather blurry, but it does tell us something very important. Her engagement ring is very similar to Princess Diana’s.

Of course the famous sapphire ring is now on the finger of Kate Middleton. From what we can see in the picture, the ring has a sapphire center stone, just like Kate’s. It even has a white diamond halo.

Its no surprise, Kate Middelton’s engagement ring is being copied, the beautiful design has been slowly taken over the engagement ring world. Like, I always say, the more options the better, and it certainly has a classic and sophisticated look to it.

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