Scarlett Johansson & Sean Penn Real Or Fling?

Well it looks like Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn are taking their romance to the next level…whatever that means? The two very recently divorced stars have been canoodling and have not been very private about the whole whirlwind affair. These two were recently spotted having lunch and Johansson very casually had her leg over the much older Penn.

Then just yesterday the two were spotted once again taking a vacation in Mexico where they ate lobster and had margarita’s. Talk about living large. Although these two may just be rebounds for each other, I still find it shocking that Johansson would date Penn…Penn has recently been very vocal and maybe even downright hostel.

He has been very open with his disdain for his ex-wife about how the whole marriage ended. We know of course that Johannson at 26 is very recently divorced from Ryan Reynolds. With all that has happened individually in their lives it would seem natural that these two would gravitate towards each other. We will have to wait this one out. Whether they build a life together or this is just a fling is up in the air. Whatever it is, it seems they are happy.

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