Jewelry pioneer Scott Kay formed an unlikely alliance last year with a metal maker and fabricator to produce a new white metal that is (incredibly) more durable than Tungsten Carbide and costs only a fraction of the price of platinum.

Scott Kay Cobalt Blue Rings

Kay was incensed last year when he started researching the “indestructible” durability of industry standard, tungsten carbide.  When he discovered that tungsten was in fact destructible and that there was possibly a stronger metal out there, Kay set out with metallurgists to find such a metal.

In late Fall last year, Kay unveiled the new metal, BioBlue 27.  The unique material is bright white, more durable than tungsten carbide, and consists of 64 percent cobalt , 29 percent  chromium, and 6 percent molybdenum.  It can also be cast or milled and inlaid with precious metals, which helps Scott Kay make some of his finest and most stunning jewelry items.  Kay released the unique Cobalt Bridal line late last year, which features men’s engagement rings that are sturdier and more durable than almost anything out there and come in the brilliant cobalt white metal.


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