Scott Kay Talks About Jewelry as an Art Form

Known as one of the most successful retail jewelry designers in the world, Scott Kay recently talked about his role as an artist in the jewelry industry and the hurdles he had to pass to get ahead. Kay is well known for his innovative use of precious metals that some have said would never catch on. He is largely credited.for kick-starting a resurgent interest in platinum and is now focusing his efforts on utilizing palladium for his rings, which has caused some to ask whether this creates a conflict of interests between his platinum partners. To which Kay dryly notes, “People might say, ‘Well, Scott, palladium could hurt your platinum business.’ But at the end of the day, I believe in this material.”

scott kay

Kay is keen to get people interested in the benefits of buying a palladium ring. “Palladium is natural, it’s hard, it’s white, and it’s hypoallergenic. It’s not as dense as platinum or gold and that’s a good thing. If platinum was 40 percent less dense, it would be more precious to the jewelry industry, because as it is, you can’t make earrings and bracelets out of it.”

Kay works hard to get buyers to become collectors of his unique and custom-made items, which he considers works of art. His collections include everything from solitaire engagement rings to pave rings to men’s cobalt bridal bands. “I like going into stores because I like to share my vision with other people.” Kay notes. “One thing I’ve worked very hard at is helping people appreciate jewelry as an art form and not just a commodity.”

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