Scott Kay’s Cobalt Men’s Bridal Rings Are Hot Items

Things are changing in the wedding and engagement ring world.  Nowadays it’s not enough for only the woman to have an engagement ring.  Guys are getting theirs too.  Jewelry designer and industry leader Scott Kay came out with a line of the so-called “man-gagement” rings, or men’s engagement rings, just last year.

scott kay cobalt rings

Presenting a new cobalt alloy dubbed “SK Cobalt”, Scott Kay has released his forward-thinking men’s wedding band collection with a bright white look, a contemporary flair that makes these men’s engagement rings look cool, as well as timeless.

The jewelry designer himself noted how much he was inspired this bright white cobalt look for this collection.  He also was sure to note how another low-priced bridal band material, tungsten carbide, was weaker than reports have claimed.

Kay patented the material used to compose the bridal bands himself, in an unprecedented partnership between the jewelry designer, a metal and jewelry manufacturer, and a steel company, Carpenter Technology Corp., which manufacture hundreds of alloys for everything under the sun.

Kay also says he plans to create more fashion pieces utilizing the patented “new contemporary” metal. There are also sure to be many more movements in the men’s bridal ring industry, as this popular bridal item is proving to be more than just a trend.  Scott Kay made his name by creating ladies Scott Kay engagement rings

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