As a woman you just have to have a soft spot for Sienna Miller. The actress has been through so much. No matter how much we want to forget that she got grossly cheated on by Jude Law, we just can’t… maybe because two years after the cheating scandal they got back together…

…and engaged…with one hell of an engagement ring I might add. I loved how unique it was, a bezel setting with diamonds in the center. It really was awesome looking. But the couple soon broke up, and the ring was gone for good.

Its been a while since we had seen Miller with another man seriously, but that clearly has changed. We now know that Miller is expecting her first child with Tom Sturridge, who she has been dating for about a year. This week brought even more news. Miller is engaged! Although its not the best picture in the world, from what we can tell, her engagement ring is just as pretty as the first one!

Congrats to the couple! After all the heartbreak she has gone through, its nice to know that she is healthy and happy in her new relationship.

Photos / Crushable / PopSugar


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