Custom Diamond Eternity launched the newest edition to our website today. A custom diamond eternity rings builder that allows you to select the diamond shape, size, color and clarity, setting style and finger to size to create a completely custom and unique diamond eternity ring.

Choose a diamond shape, (round, emerald, radiant, princess or asscher), and then select the individual diamond size for each stone. Once you’ve selected the diamond shape and diamond size, you can select the color and clarity of the diamonds as well as the style of the ring.

As you make selections from the builder, photos of your exact ring will show up to the left of the builder

Custom Diamond Eternity Rings Builder

After selecting the style, select your finger size from the drop down. The finger size of the eternity ring will determine the specific price of the ring because the number of diamonds required to make the ring is directly correlated to the finger size. A finger size of 4 will require less diamonds than a finger size of 7.’s custom eternity rings builder is the first of its’ kind and a truly unique and fun way to builder your own custom eternity ring.  We are proud to launch this eternity rings builder as our customers will only pay for the exact number of stones required to build their special ring.

Check out the live eternity rings builder and build your own diamond eternity ring >

We’d love to get your feedback on the eternity rings builder, so don’t forget to post your comments here!


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