The Tacori brand stands for a blend of the contemporary and classic in jewelry, as well as featuring many ravishing colors and breathtaking gems.  For those of you looking for pieces that will accessorize a contemporary, bold, cosmopolitan look  for the summer, then look no further than these options from Tacori to give you a captivating Sex and the City look or a relaxed and refreshed beach look.

Tacori "Birth of Your Child" pendant Tacori Birth of a Child Pendant. This is a stunning and personal option for those moms and moms-to-be out there who want a jewelry piece to commemorate their motherhood. A single diamond is placed in the crescents of the pendant to commemorate the month in which the child was born. With each of these interior crescents representing a month of the year, this excellent jewelry piece can work as a fantastic commemoration of your most precious gift.
Champagne Sunset necklace Tacori Golden Sunshine Medallion. With diamonds arching along crescent moons in elegant patterns, this piece is truly a stunner for those summer night formal occasions, as well as summer weddings. Featuring a warm 18k gold, this piece will catch all that summer sun and charm everyone with its hues of dusk and dawn.
Chain Accent Necklace Tacori Chain Accent Necklaces. More edgy than other summer necklaces, chain accents can be perfect for beach parties or hot summer evening events. This piece is also especially versatile as you can wear it long, doubled or lariat-style. Attach a pendant or more to it and impress others with your unique vision. This stunning piece comes in 18k gold, .925 silver and a golden 18k Tacori seal toggle.


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