Miranda Lambert Thrilled to Be Engaged

Miranda Lambert can’t help but be giddy for her upcoming marriage to country crooner Blake Shelton.  Her “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” reputation couldn’t be further from the truth!  “As bad-ass as her image is, she is 200-percent girl.”  Shelton says.  Shelton only just recently reported proposing to Lambert.  Apparently, while window-shopping for designer engagement rings earlier in the year, Lambert had her sights set on a half-million dollar pink diamond ring.  At the time, Lambert noted how he’d have to save up for a while for the costly ring, but Lambert has since accepted a a different diamond and platinum ring.    Shelton was quite traditional about the engagement process, even calling Lambert’s dad to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.   “That was so Southern and old-school and perfect.”  Lambert said.  And about the ring?  “He knew exactly what I wanted, so it’s so much more perfect than I could have picked out myself.”  And cheaper too!

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

The two were spotted at a No. 1 Party in Nashville, their first public appearance since getting engaged last Sunday.  And of course Lambert was wearing the diamond and platinum ring while clutching her pet Chihuahua, Cher.  “Being engaged ups the excitement level for us another notch.”  Shelton said.  He also added that, after five years, “everybody around us probably saw it coming.”

Blake Shelton Proposes to Miranda Lambert

Country singer Blake Shelton went the old-fashioned route when it came to proposing to girlfriend, country crooner Miranda Lambert.  “He called my dad and got his blessing first.  That was so Southern and old-school and perfect.”

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

Apparently Shelton also  picked out the diamond and platinum engagement ring himself. But only just a few months ago, the singer was telling US Weekly how he might have to wait a while before he proposed.  “I thought we were getting a little closer until she took me to Tiffany’s to show me the ring she wanted.  It was a $450,000 pink diamond.  I probably need to save a bit longer before I’m ready for that.”  Well, it turns out that Lambert must have forgotten about that original extravagance because she really liked the ring that Shelton himself picked out.   “I was so proud of him.  We’ve been together five years, so he knew exactly what I wanted but it’s so much more perfect than I could pick out myself.”  Probably cheaper too!

Lambert and Shelton got engaged informally, while sipping Bacardi Cokes outside his home in Oklahoma.  The ACM-Award nominated Lambert gushed, “Weddings are great and engagements are great and diamonds are especially great.  But I’m just excited to be married because I want to tell Blake I really can love him the rest of my life and be happy and make him happy.”