The Hottest New Celebrity Engagement Rings

There are some hot engagement rings and wedding rings that the youth set are sporting around Hollywood, as young celebrity couples are getting married and planning their lives together.  And even though you’re not a Hollywood star, you can certainly feel like one.  Check out these engagement rings of the celebs and see if you can’t come away with some ideas that help you find your own rings!

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi ‘Bachelor’ girl Vienna Girardi. Those of you who keep up with the hit reality competition show, ‘The Bachelor’, will know the stunning, romantic offering that ‘Bachelor’ Jake Pavelka had for his chosen fiancé, Vienna Girardi, on the island of St. Lucia: a gorgeous 3-carat Neil Lane princess-cut diamond platinum ring.
Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood. This engagement ring was truly a partnership. Underwood’s favorite designer, Jonathan Arndt, and her fiancé, Mike Fisher, co-designed the yellow and white 12 carat diamond ring with an estimated value of $800,000.
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner. Ben Affleck proposed to Garner on her 33rd birthday, and gifted her with a stunning $500,000 4.5 carat cushion cut diamond ring by Harry Winston. Interestingly enough, Garner admitted on the Regis & Kelly show that she almost lost it.
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Jennifer Lopez. After being gifted with a 6.1 carat pink diamond engagement ring from former fiancé Ben Affleck, Lopez got serious with Marc Anthony after her split only six months after the Affleck break-up. An interesting fact is that the couple never got formally engaged. Anthony presented Lopez with an 8.5 carat engagement ring on their first anniversary, with an estimated cost of $1 million dollars.
Katy Perry and Russell Brand Katy Perry. Russell Brand had been dating Perry for only a few months before proposing to the young pop star in India on New Year’s Eve. He was excited to present her with a 5-carat pink-diamond Cartier ring. Perry decided to swap the original ring for an equally gorgeous 3-carat Cartier ring worth $120,000.
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Mariah Carey. Hubby Nick Cannon worked hard with jeweler Jacob & Co. to design a 17-carat diamond ring worthy of this superstar. The $2.5 million engagement ring features 58 sparkling diamonds surrounding an emerald-cut pink center diamond, couched by two half-moons on either side. That’s definitely a rign worthy of a superstar!
Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley Katherine Heigl. Jeweler Ryan Ryan designed this stunning 3-carat pear-shaped ring, adding a personal touch. Ryan Ryan used half of the platinum from her mother’s engagement ring for Heigl’s band. Heigl’s wedding to rocker Josh Kelley in Utah in 2007 was definitely a special affair.

Carrie Underwood’s Wedding Plans: Stress-Free

Carrie Underwood has been on a roll for years now, making it look so easy to be a successful country singer and have a rocking love life.  And the successful country crooner isn’t going to start worrying about a little old wedding.  “We’re not people who stress about anything.  We just focus on a few of the main things and everything else is, like, whatever.”

Carrie Underwood

Underwood took home the Entertainer of the Year award at this week Country Music Awards, for the second consecutive year in a row.  And while Underwood is basking in success, she’s really not going to dwell on the details.  “I don’t care what color napkins are on the table.  I don’t care.  We’re just both really laid back.  Family, food and fun, that’s all we really need.  And, oh yeah, get married.”

But it was really Underwood’s engagement ring that stole the limelight last night.  The huge diamond and sapphire engagement ring has been said to cost nearly $150,000 and engagement rings like that are hard to miss! Unfortunately, Underwood’s fiancée, hockey player Mike Fisher, wasn’t able to join Underwood for the ceremony, as he was busy playing for the Senators in Ottawa.  As she received the award, Underwood gushed, “I couldn’t ask for anything else in my whole life.  So many things have been happening and being on tour and planning a wedding.  Nights like this make life wonderful.”

Hillary Duff: ‘Relaxed’ About Getting Married

Hillary Duff’s big sister, Haylie, is revealing how the star is feeling about her upcoming marriage. “She’s really relaxed and wants something comfortable and great. She’s just so excited to be engaged.” Looks like Duff is taking the Carrie Underwood route–staying on the relaxed and chill path, not spending too much time agonizing over the details of her wedding.

Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff

Also, like Carrie Underwood, Duff is set to marry a hockey player. Her fiancé, Mike Comrie, plays for the Edmonton Oilers. The 29 year-old Comrie proposed to Duff, only 22, while vacationing in Hawaii over Christmas. Comrie has a three-year $10 million deal and was not cheap with Duff’s engagement ring, reportedly spending $1 million on it. The sparkling diamonds on the engagement ring weigh in at 4.5 carats.

And the spending spree does not end there. The couple has been shopping for homes and are just now finalizing a home in Beverly Hills for $10 million. No wonder Duff is relaxed!

Sister Haylie added, “We’ve started talking about the wedding stuff, but she’s still just really happy in this sort of phase. It’ll be a while, but it’s fun to talk about it and think about it.” Any bridezilla stories to tell, Haylie? “She’s just not the [type]. One of my other best friends got married and was a complete bridezilla, so I’m not getting the signs from Hillary that that’s the case.” Well, there’s still time for some bridezilla antics! No date has been announced yet.

Carrie Underwood’s Ring Bearer: Her Dog!

So by now we all know that Carrie Underwood will be walking down the aisle sometime soon.  And now it’s been revealed that she plans to have her beloved chihuahua play ring bearer!  “He’ll be one  of the ring bearers–” the country star revealed. “I don’t know if I’ll give him the actual ring.  He would probably run away with it or eat it or something.

Carrie Underwood

Named Alice, Underwood treats the dog like she was her very own child.  “It would be like if I was getting married and I had a child–of course my child would be in the wedding!”

Underwood might want to consider having someone else carry the wedding ring if it’s at all as opulent as the engagement ring.  The singer became hockey player Mark Fisher’s fiancée in December and has worn a flawless yellow diamond ring surrounded by smaller diamonds worth $150,000 ever since.  Wedding details have slowly been trickling out since their  engagement.   Underwood has revealed that the “dress is in the works” and that it will be pretty and simple and glamorous.”  At one point Underwood was talking about a smaller ceremony, but it turns out that that’s unlikely to happen.  “There are so many people.  He has a huge family; they’re all really close.  My family is big, but we’re not that tight-knit.  His is about three times the size of mine.”

Cupcakes Instead of Wedding Cake for Carrie Underwood

Country star Carrie Underwood isn’t planning to stick totally to tradition when she throws her wedding later this year. “We’re kind of doing cupcakes.” The country star said this week on a radio show. “I consider myself a very traditional person. More than anything, we’re going to get married, that’s the important part. And we want everyone to have a good time, so we’re doing some things like that, that are a little bit different.”

Carrie Underwood

But Underwood isn’t settling just for any old cupcakes. She’s got her eyes set on those from IveyCake in Franklin, Tennessee. The country superstar proclaims that IveyCakes “makes the most amazing cupcakes in the universe.” There’s some sentimental value there, as well, as IveyCakes is run by Ivey Childers, the wife of Underwood’s bass player, Mark Childers.

Underwood admits that they’re trying to keep the wedding small. One thing that is not small, however, is that engagement ring. Diamonds of that size (a whopping five carats!) and shape (brilliant round diamond) typically go for large sums of cash. Experts from the Diamond Information Center estimate Underwood’s extravagant engagement ring to have a value of $150,000. Underwood previously expressed her affection for her fiancee by writing in the liner notes to her most recent album, Play On. “You make my life better in every way! I thank God for you every day.”

Carrie Underwood Singing in Fiancee’s Hockey Jersey

When Carrie Underwood visits her fiancee’s hometown of Ottawa, she doesn’t just wear anything. The country superstar wanted to show some pride at her Ottawa concert on Wednesday, and so she decided to wear her fiancee’s Ottawa Senators hockey jersey. The fiancee, Mike Fisher, is a forward for the team.

Carrie Underwood

“Hello, Ottawa,” Underwood told the audience at Scotiabank Place as she came on stage for her Play On tour. “So I guess I can consider this my hometown.” The singer said.

Underwood became engaged to Fisher in December 2009 and has been spotted at several Ottawa Senators hockey games, flashing her new sparkling stone. The engagement ring was custom-made and features a flawless yellow diamond at its center. The ring was designed by jeweler Jonathan Arndt, who has said, “The ring is a symbol of love from Mike Fisher to Carrie Underwood.” Some experts estimate the ring to have a value of up to $1 million. Engagement rings like that are a symbol of love indeed!

Carrie Underwood’s Simple and Glamorous Wedding Dress!

Carrie UnderwoodNews has been slowly trickling out about Carrie Underwood’s upcoming wedding–from a decision to use cupcakes instead of wedding cake to the massive engagement ring with a large stone and a bevy of diamonds in pave settings on her finger to the choice to have her beloved dog Ace as the ring bearer–we can all expect it to be a tabloid extravaganza for the Country crooner!  And while fiancee Mike Fisher and Country superstar Underwood surely have been busy with their respective careers these past few months, they have been able to slowly plan the wedding.  And now the latest news is that Underwood has chosen a wedding dress.

Underwood told reporters at the Bideawee animal shelter in NYC recently that the wedding dress is “in the works…It’s really pretty.  It’s very in the beginning stages and it’s very me.  It’s just girly and pretty, and it’s simple and glamorous at the same time.”

Expect a tabloid onslaught to ensue when everyone finds out who’s actually making the dress!

Hilary Duff Engaged

The rumors are true.  Hilary Duff is engaged to her longtime hockey player beau Mike Comrie of the Edmonton Oilers.  Duff and Comrie have been dating for the past two years and were engaged last Thursday while vacationing in Hawaii.  A fixture in ice rinks around the Country, Hilary has been seen in recent weeks with none other than Carrie Underwood as they beaus faced off against one another in a recent game.  Known for giving extravagant gifts such as a Mercedes for her 22nd birthday we can only speculate about the details of celebrity engagement rings, but from the looks of it in this case, it’s nothing short of a rock! Looks like Mike knows he way around another kind of ice!

hillary duff and mike comrieHilary, born September 28, 1987 in Houston, Texas is best known for her role as Lizzie McGuire in the Disney television series of the same name. After Lizzie McGuire came to and end, Hilary took her acting skills to the big screen and starred in Agent Cody Banks, Cheaper By The Dozen 2, and Material Girls.  In addition to movie roles, Hilary launched a recording career releasing her first album, Metamorphosis that was #1 on the Billboard 200 and selling more than 2 million copies.

Hollywood’s Upcoming Brides

Amidst the paparazzi glare, partying and glamour of Hollywood, it’s hard to imagine anyone actually settling down and getting married. But this year there seems to be more brides-to-be than ever before. Flashing their engagement rings all around town, Hollywood’s young ladies are providing tabloid readers with much fodder. Here are just a few.

carrie underwood

Among the stars who got engaged recently is country singer, Carrie Underwood. The country star got engaged over the Christmas holiday to Ottawa Senators hockey star, Mike Fisher. “I just want to show up and have a good time!” Underwood was seen flaunting a 3 carat diamond engagement ring ever since.

Oscar winner, Anna Paquin, got engaged to her True Blood co-star recently, on a white sandy beach. Meanwhile reality celebutante Nicole Richie got engaged to singer Joel Madden over the holidays, but waited till President’s Day to make the announcement on the David Letterman Show.

Pop star Katy Perry is getting hitched with Russell Brand. Perry was swept off her feet as Brand managed to surprise her with a proposal during their visit to India. Brand reportedly proposed to Perry while the two watched a fireworks display while perched on an elephant.

Are you planning to propose anytime soon? Check out our Top 100 Proposal Ideas—you don’t have to be a celebrity to get a creative idea!

Carrie Underwood and Her New Engagement Ring

Now that’s some nice ice!  Carrie Underwood receives some major bling from her Ottawa Senators hockey player boyfriend, Mike Fisher.   When asked about the 5-plus carat round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring that Fisher put on her finger, Underwood revealed to Allure Magazine, “he could’ve put a twisty-tie on my finger and that would’ve worked.”

Carrie Underwood

These days Underwood is talking about her time spent on American Idol and all the movie offers that are pouring in.  She also says that even though she just wrapped a movie about a one-armed surfer, she is in no rush to cross over to acting.

“I get scripts all the time.” She says. “It would really have to be the right thing.  I’m not going to kid myself and pretend that I’m an actress, because I’m not, but if something came up that was just fun, something that would be fun to look at when I’m older, I’d be into that.”

Underwood made her sitcom debut recently on the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”.  She’ll be on the cover of Allure on March 23 and we’ll see if she’s sporting her new engagement ring!