Diamond Eternity Rings

diamond eternity ringsA diamond eternity ring features diamonds of the same shape and size in a continuous circle around the band offering an unsurpassed amount of brilliance, fire, and sparkle from every angle.

Eternity bands are simplistic and elegant.  They can be worn alone or are a great compliment to an engagement ring.  Diamond eternity rings can be purchased as an original wedding band or an anniversary band.   Diamond eternity rings make a great gift for that special milestone anniversary.  The traditional eternity ring contains all diamonds, but some contain diamonds with alternating gemstones or just gemstones.

Diamond Eternity Ring Designs

The most popular eternity ring design is the open basket shared prong design.  In an open basket design the diamonds are set at the same height allowing light to enter and flow through all the stones evenly.  The shared prongs allow the diamonds to be set using the least amount of metal possible, so all you see is the brilliance and fire of the stones.

Another popular eternity ring design is a channel set.  This setting allows for the diamonds to be set within the band providing a smooth surface.  Since light enters and exists through the table of the diamond this setting offers brilliance and fire with a more tailored look.

What diamond shapes are used and why?

The most popular diamond shape used for eternity rings is the round brilliant followed closely by the princess cut and radiant cut.  These shapes are known for their brilliance and fire and can be set very close together making them the perfect shape for any style eternity ring.    Over the past several years, asscher and emerald cuts have gained popularity and provide a very classic elegant look.

What diamond color and clarity is recommended and why?

For diamond eternity rings we recommend colorless or near colorless diamonds with a clarity rating of SI1 or better for round brilliant cut, princess cut, and radiant cut diamonds.  For asscher cut and emerald cut eternity rings we recommend colorless diamonds with a clarity rating of VS2 or better.

At Since 1910 we take pride in offering something unique in the way of eternity rings….our custom eternity rings builder. Our custom eternity ring builder offers you the opportunity to build your own eternity ring custom made to your exact finger size in three easy steps; choose your diamond shape, choose your finger size, and choose your diamond color and clarity.   This is a great benefit to you because you only pay for the exact number of diamonds used.  When purchasing a pre-made eternity ring often times it will need to be sized down, but you will still be paying the original price regardless.


Three Stone Engagement Ring

Once known as an anniversary ring, three stone engagement rings have gained popularity over the past several years.  A three stone engagement ring represents a couple’s relationship – the past, the present, and the future.

The three stone engagement ring contains just that; 3 stones.  The traditional three stone design is a plain metal band with prong set white diamonds.  The diamonds are all the same shape and color with the center stone being slightly larger and set higher than the two side stones.

Today, three stone settings are available in a variety of designs.  While the traditional three stone is still extremely popular many couples are choosing settings with side stones of a different color or shape.  Prongs can be replaced with bezels and plain bands replaced with scroll work or small accent diamonds.

Creating a Three Stone Anniversary Ring Using Your Own Engagement Diamond

If you’re creating a three stone for an anniversary ring you have some options.

1. Use your engagement diamond as a side stone representing the past and choose a new center stone and second side stone as the present and the future.  The new center diamond should be slightly larger than the side stones.  When choosing new diamonds you’ll need to stay within the same color range if purchasing white diamonds.

2. Use your engagement diamond as the center stone and purchase two new side stones.




Types Of Wedding Bands to Wear With a Three Stone

You have some options here as well.  If you want to wear your three stone on the same hand as your wedding band or your right hand a five or seven stone wedding band or a diamond eternity ring will match perfectly.

diamond eternity ringdiamond eternity ring


Beautiful Pave Set Round Diamond Eternity Band

Beautiful pave set round brilliant diamond eternity band shown in platinum. Ring features 1/2ct total weight (based upon a finger size of 6). Diamonds are between G-H color and VS2-SI1 clarity. The model number is D61096.

Round Diamond Eternity Band 1/2ct total weight

View this diamond eternity ring here.