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Though diamond earrings can work year-round and for many occasions, summer can be the perfect time to wear dazzling elegant diamond earrings or even give them as a gift. Diamond stud earrings are versatile and can be worn anywhere from the office to the mall, giving you a boost of elegance. More intricate diamond earrings give you the perfect touch for classy social occasions. Here are some diamond earring options and the celebs who’ve enjoyed them.

Cristian Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo, the extremely successful soccer player, bought girlfriend Nereida Gallardo a pair of custom-made diamond earrings worth $50,000. The diamonds spelled out “R7”–Ronaldo’s initial and shirt number. The soccer star also frequently wears a pair of his own expensive diamond studs.
Eva Longoria “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria sports a shorter hair style for a more youthful look. She’s also constantly spotted wearing diamond studs, which look great–especially when she tucks one side of hair behind her ear. Diamond studs are certainly classic and timeless jewelry items that will never go out of style–integral to any jewelry collection.
Sarah Jessica Parker “Sex and the City” all-star Sarah Jessica Parker certainly couldn’t forget her diamond earrings to many of the red carpets she walks on. Often spotted on the red carpet with her oversized diamond leverback earrings, SJP rocks a classic style with contemporary and extravagant flair.
Diamond Stud Earrings Diamond Stud Earrings. Since 1910 offers round brilliant and princess cut diamond stud earrings from 0.30 to 4.00 carats. These are great for a dazzling summer gift. Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers, champagne and a special box with these inside. And ladies, if you don’t have a pair of diamond stud earrings already in your collection, get some now. These are classic an timeless pieces that can be worn anywhere for an elegant boost!
18k White Gold 1.02ct Emerald Cut Diamond Earrings 18k White Gold 1.02ct Emerald Cut Diamond Earrings. Perfect for weddings, showers and another formal occasions, these earrings feature two beautiful emerald cut diamonds surrounded by smaller round-brilliant pave set diamonds. A gorgeous and opulent must-have!
Diamond Drop Earrings 4.50ct Platinum Diamond Drop Earrings. Drop earrings like these look fabulous with long, flowing hair and will give you a contemporary jolt of elegance. Perfect for the summertime and date nights. These earrings are made to draw attraction to your beautiful face and feature 26 graduated round brilliant cut diamonds.

Wondering what to get her for her birthday or that special night out? Have you been dating six months or married five years and want something elegant and simple to commemorate the occasion? Then look no further than these diamond earrings. Not only are they the epitome of timeless elegance but they are also versatile and can be worn anywhere, from work to that special night out.

2.16ct emerald cut and round diamond earrings

1.2.16ct Emerald Cut & Round Hanging Diamond Earrings. Surprise her with these on any special occasion, on top of her pillow or with a box of delectable chocolates. They are made in 18 karat white gold and feature two emerald cut diamonds which total approximately .80ct.
4.50ct Platinum diamond drop earrings 2.4.50ct Platinum Diamond Drop Earrings. These opulent earrings will definitely leave her smiling. They are a great, classic accesory for women with long hair. Crafted in platinum, they feature 26 graduated round brilliant cut prong-set diamonds.
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Stud Earrings 3. Diamond Stud Earrings. Diamond studs are an excellent, opulent and subtle choice for her. They work everywhere, giving just a touch of class to any situation. They can range anywhere from 0.30ct to 4.00ct total weight and come in gold or platinum.

Over the past year, celebrities have been sporting some unusual and exotic jewelry choices. Superstars such as Madonna and Angelina Jolie, known for their sense of fashion, were spotted wearing snake necklaces and snake rings, as well as the always fashionable diamond-studded crucifix, which has been worn since the eighties. Diamond necklaces also seem to be all the rage, worn in variations by other superstars such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Pink.


Chandelier earrings and diamond tennis bracelets have been spotted on Carrie Underwood, Sarah Jessica Parker, America Ferrara and Kate Winslet. Sometimes less is more and these items reveal a simple, elegant and flexible style.

On the red carpet recently, we’ve seen a bevy of items, including Tiffany-style necklaces, chunky designer-style cable bracelets, and celebrity-quality engagement rings.

There’s also been a celebrity baby boom over the past two years, with Angelina Jolie, J-Lo, Halle Berry, Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Alba all sporting maternal jewelry, which is perhaps more understated but nevertheless quite elegant. All these stars have spotted during pregnancy with simple clover necklaces or diamond stud earrings, which have a timeless appeal.

Diamond stud earrings are elegant and timeless staples to any jewelry collection. Here are some reasons why diamond stud earrings are the perfect gift.

eva longoria wearing diamond studs

1. Diamond studs are often called timeless and classic pieces of jewelry. Their “look” never goes out of style, and they add elegance to any occasion.

2. They are versatile. Going out for a Friday night date? Have a board meeting? Going to the mall? Face it—diamond studs look good anywhere and never seem too dressy.

3. Stars wear them. Eva Longoria. Angelina Jolie. Nicole Kidman. The list goes on. And stars have always worn them—all the way back to Old Hollywood. Diamond studs have a classic appeal and many people wear their diamond stud earrings every single day.

4. They are simple, yet elegant and sophisticated. Who needs something too elaborate? The simplicity of diamond stud earrings come from being a single-stone diamond earring. Sometimes the most simple jewelry items are the best and feel the most timeless.

5. They make great gifts. Okay, okay. There must be some guys reading this, too. Looking for something special to get her for her birthday or a special occasion. Look no further than diamond studs.

6. They are romantic. Diamond studs may in fact get you more dates! The way they suggest opulence and shine brightly on your ears—guys will think you’re worth it.

7. They go great with engagement rings. So you just got engaged? Or you’re planning to propose? Diamond stud earrings are a fantastic complement to that new engagement ring.

8. Perfect for the wedding day. If you’re getting married, you should definitely consider diamond studs. They’re the perfect level of elegance and won’t detract from your dress, ring, hair, nails or smile!

9. They come in many cuts. There’s a huge variety of diamond stud earrings, large and small, including round brilliant diamond studs and princess cut diamond studs.

10. They are appropriate for any occasion! Are you looking for timeless, classic jewelry to add to your collection? Diamond Studs are the perfect accompaniment!

Guys and girls-listen up-there are jewelry pieces that are must-have, timeless pieces that are necessary components of any girl’s collection.  If you’re a guy, maybe you’re wondering what to get her for Valentine’s Day?  Or your anniversary? Maybe you’re just looking for a way to say I love you?  We recommend these “can’t go wrong” timeless jewelry pieces, that she will want to wear all the time, not just sometimes.  And ladies, maybe you’re looking for pieces that are going to last a lifetime–classic jewelry you can wear everywhere: the office, museum, club, formal occasions.  Look no further than this list of classic, timeless jewelry that every woman should have in her collection.  You will never be disappointed with these items.

eternity rings

Eternity rings are a great addition to any collection and an excellent gift for her. If you’re already married, then an eternity ring can be an ideal gift for your anniversary.  There are beautiful customized options including the Platinum Round Brilliant Diamond, the Platinum Princess Cut and the Platinum Emerald Cut eternity rings.

diamond stud earrings

Another refined option for your collection are diamond stud earrings, which will bring out the elegance for any occasion or outfit.  They are always chic, fashionable and a perfect choice for a night on the town.   You should choose studs that are no larger than one carat.  From .5 ct tw to 4 ct tw, you are sure to find the perfect diamond studs that meet your budge

diamond solitaire pendant

Diamond Solitaire Pendants are also an excellent choice for an eclectic style, women on the move, who want something that is just as appropriate for a casual night out as it is for a formal business dinner.   These are not only beautiful additions to anyone’s collection, but come in a wide range of diamond shapes and chains.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis bracelets are another thing to consider, giving her  a classic and opulent feel.  These bracelets come in many different designs and can be worn everywhere, from the shopping mall to the black tie dinner.

While most women will love anything you get them, these are classic, timeless, guaranteed winners!