Top 10 Places Engagement Rings Are Lost

For a list of the top 10 most common places engagement rings are lost, stolen, or just misplaced we reached out to Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.

Here is a list of the top 10 most common places in no particular order.

Public Restroom – a little soap will never hurt anything.  It is never a good idea to take your ring off and place it on the counter when washing your hands.  When applying soap, face your palms toward the ceiling and bend your fingers slightly, so if it were to slip it will stop at your knuckle.

Home – just can’t remember where you left it.  Pick one safe place in your home where you can always put your ring.

Work – if you find you take your ring off on certain days or just can’t do certain tasks while wearing it why not hang it around your neck on a nice chain?

Hotel – most rings are left on the night stand, dresser, or even in the room safe.  Hang a quick note on your door and you’ll always remember it on your way out.

At the beach – rings can always be cleaned.  No one likes seeing globs of suntan lotion or pieces of sand in their ring, but looking at that is much better than never seeing it again.

Down the drain – when washing dishes or your hands if you need to take off your ring place it far away from the sink.  Often times rings are left in a cup or ring stand very close to the sink and either can be knocked over easily.

Boating/Snorkeling – rings are lost when doing water sports because your finger shrinks from the cold water.  Whenever possible, leave your ring in a safe place at home or the hotel safe when on vacation.

Shoveling snow – whether wearing gloves or not your ring can easily slip off due to the cold weather.

Airports – every time you go in and out of your bag always check your finger to make sure your ring didn’t slip off.  We already talked about public restrooms!  Also, bringing a small bright colored ring box with you is a good idea.  Should you need to remove your ring when passing through security the box can easily be seen in the security bin.

Dog ate it – and we thought this was only for home work!

Average Dollar Amount of Claims

Accidental Loss (drain, beach, hotel) – $4,250

Crime (robbery, burglary)– $10,500

Damage (chipped stone, prong) – $1,500

Other (flood) – $7,500

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Where can I get my my engagement ring insured?

We always suggest to our customers that it is a good idea to have their ring insured. The types of policies offered differ by company, so you will want to review the details of each policy prior to making a decision.

Most insurance companies will require an appraisal; which will be given at the time the ring is purchased or can be done by an independent appraiser. The cost for an independent appraisal will vary by state, but should be around $100. Always keep your appraisals up to date and change your policy as often as necessary to make sure your ring is insured for the current market value.

Types of policies:

Replacement policy – a replacement policy is based on the current market conditions and guarantees your exact ring (stone, setting, metal) will be replaced if lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair. This policy is often the most expensive, but you may be able to add a deductible to get the premium down a bit.

Actual cash value policy – this policy would replace your ring minus any market depreciation.

Valued at policy – this policy is somewhat difficult to find. It not only covers the appraised value of your ring, but also allows you to increase coverage above the appraised value to include sentimental value.

We recommend reviewing policies from the following jewelry insurance companies.  We have vast experience working with jewelry insurers and we recommend the following:

Recommended Jewelry Insurance Companies:

Why should I have my engagement ring appraised?

An appraisal is given at the time the ring is purchased and can also be done by an independent appraiser.

Many people have their ring appraised for insurance purposes. An appraisal is required by most insurance companies to insure your ring. Even if it is not required, you should submit one to the company, as it will give the true value of your ring. Another reason is just to know how much your ring is worth. It is important to keep your appraisals up to date and we suggest having one done at least every 2 years.

For all appraisal inquiries, please contact us at 1-800-979-1910 or by email:

Woman looses both engagement and wedding rings in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Just last night, a woman in Portsmouth, New Hampshire lost both her engagement and her wedding rings when the necklace she used to carry them around her neck broke. She had started wearing them around her neck when her fingers began to swell due to her pregnancy and didn’t realize they had been lost until hours later.

Had this happened in New York, the story wouldn’t have made headlines, but in Portsmouth, it’s news. Do you think that the town is small enough that someone might actually turn them in? Read the rest of the story at