Bar Rafaeli Not Thinking About Marriage with Leo

Supermodel Bar Rafaeli isn’t ready to walk to the altar just yet with superstar Leonardo DiCaprio. She recently laughed off rumors that she was wearing an engagement ring over Valentine’s Day in Berlin. “I’m not thinking about getting married. I’m still young, not yet 25.” Rafaeli was spotted wearing a gold ring that many speculated to be an engagement ring.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli

But if you were Leo DiCaprio, wouldn’t you get your girl something a bit more opulent for an engagement ring. The simple gold ring Rafaeli was wearing was definitely not the million-dollar spectacle that DiCaprio could afford. And yet fashion experts are saying that understated engagement and wedding rings are most definitely in.

The celebrity couple split for a brief period of six months last year, and yet Rafaeli attests that it only made their relationship stronger. “It was a half year for which I am very grateful. I needed it. I came to understand a lot of things about myself.” The model goes on to say that she hasn’t spent much time with herself outside of her relationships.

Rafaeli says that during the split from DiCaprio she had more time to work on herself. “I grew up. I didn’t know what ‘alone’ was like. Today I know that a relationship can work only if you know that you can be alone and you are not afraid. Today I’m not afraid of being alone.”

Hilary Duff Engaged

The rumors are true.  Hilary Duff is engaged to her longtime hockey player beau Mike Comrie of the Edmonton Oilers.  Duff and Comrie have been dating for the past two years and were engaged last Thursday while vacationing in Hawaii.  A fixture in ice rinks around the Country, Hilary has been seen in recent weeks with none other than Carrie Underwood as they beaus faced off against one another in a recent game.  Known for giving extravagant gifts such as a Mercedes for her 22nd birthday we can only speculate about the details of celebrity engagement rings, but from the looks of it in this case, it’s nothing short of a rock! Looks like Mike knows he way around another kind of ice!

hillary duff and mike comrieHilary, born September 28, 1987 in Houston, Texas is best known for her role as Lizzie McGuire in the Disney television series of the same name. After Lizzie McGuire came to and end, Hilary took her acting skills to the big screen and starred in Agent Cody Banks, Cheaper By The Dozen 2, and Material Girls.  In addition to movie roles, Hilary launched a recording career releasing her first album, Metamorphosis that was #1 on the Billboard 200 and selling more than 2 million copies.

Posh: “I’m Not a Supermodel”

Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) tries hard.  Really hard.  The super-skinny 5’4” former Spice Girl and wife of soccer all-star David Beckham, who seems to never go anywhere without her stilletoes is reported to desperately want to get onto the cover of Vogue.  But Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour isn’t having it.  Amongst friends, Posh is said to have tried everything to get the Vogue Editor’s attention.  But the Devil Wears Prada prototype isn’t having it.  Case in Point: March’s Vogue cover will feature comedian and 30 Rock star, Tina Fey.   Which must have stick-thin, pose-hard Victoria seething.

But March’s issue of Glamour will see Victoria on the cover.  Posh tells Glamour:  “I love fashion, that’s how I express myself.”  And she loves to express herself in expensive ways.  The working mom sports a three-carat marquis-cut diamond engagement ring highlighted by baguette diamonds on either side and firmly embedded into the gold setting.  For example.

She goes on to confess to Glamour: “When I dress in a certain way and do my hair and makeup in a certain way, it’s not to get attention.  I’m not a supermodel.  I make the best of what I’ve got.  I work out to look the best that I can, but I’m no Gisele.”  She may be no Gisele, but who needs another supermodel when you have a celebrity as serious about wearing stilletoes as Posh.



No Engagement Plans for Madonna

Everyone was talking about it.  But that’s what the Queen of Pop likes. When has she ever turned down free publicity?  “Causing a commotion” is exactly the way she makes headlines.  And this week it’s no exception.  Because she dropped Baby Jesus aka Jesus Luz, her Brazilian lover in his early twenties, nearly half her age.

There was speculation in previous weeks that an engagement plan was in the works.  Madonna, who is 50, reportedly wanted another child.  The irony of Madonna and Jesus Luz having a child would have been tabloid fodder for weeks.

But now there is news that Jesus Luz has left the Queen of Pop, packing his bags, without leaving her with so much as an engagement ring.  Not that she needed anymore jewelry.  And not that he got off bad either.  Luz has reportedly been working high-profile modeling and DJ gigs for months because of his connection to the Queen of Pop.   Since Madonna picked him up as a model for a high-profile, provocative and post-divorce photo shoot for V Magazine last year, Luz has had the opportunity to work the catwalks of Milan, New York and Paris.  Not bad for someone who just a few years ago was working as a shirtless vendor on the streets of Rio.  The split is reportedly amicable.  The singer, furthermore, has sworn off any future plans to marry after her protracted divorce with British filmmaker Guy Ritchie just last year.


Tips For Buying Engagement Rings Online

The Internet offers a unique shopping experience all within the comfort of your own home.  Buying an engagement ring online is quick, convenient, and you’ll not only get a great selection, but great value for your money as well.

Here are the top things to look for when choosing an online site…

Customer Service – is #1. Choose a site that has a customer service phone number and/or e-mail address.  This will allow you to take advantage of shopping online, but if you want to ask a question someone will be there for you.

Personal Shopper – not all online sites offer a personal shopper service.  This is a great benefit because it allows you to ask specific questions about the diamond and setting you are purchasing.  Your personal shopper, usually a certified Gemologist, will be there to assist you every step of the way from explaining the 4C’s to what metal choice and setting may be best for you.

Hold policy – what is the diamond hold policy?  24 hrs – 48hrs?  Some sites will require a deposit, but will hold the stone for you.  Be sure to use a sight that gives you a little time to think about your purchase.

Return policy – is there a return policy?  Choosing an online site with a 30-day return policy is highly recommended.   No return policy – no purchase.

Shipping method – how are items shipped?  Be sure to choose a site that uses insured carries such as UPS, USPS, or FedEx.

Lost or Damaged packages – how will your item be replaced if lost or damaged?  If the online site ships using an insured carrier you’ll have no problem.  For this reason, be careful with online sites that offer to ship your packages using other methods.

Privacy Policy – what is the privacy policy?  How will your personal information be used?  Be sure to look for this information and read it very carefully.

Security –will your transaction be secure?  Most websites guarantee your personal information will be kept secure.  Be sure to check before entering any personal or credit card information.

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Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean Proposes to Girlfriend on Stage in Las Vegas

Backstreet Boy vocalist, A.J. McLean, while celebrating his 32nd birthday in Las Vegas on Friday night proposed to his girlfriend Rochelle Deanna Karidis just after midnight on stage at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Wasted Space nightclub.  Purchasing the engagement ring only a few hours before at the hotel’s jewelry store, Rocks, A.J. called his girlfriend onstage, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him.  Of course, she said yes. She was very surprised as were his friends and fans alike.  Everyone knew he was going to propose soon, but were surprised by his timing.

A.J. (Alexander James) was born on January 9, 1978 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Most famous for being a part of the boy band, Backstreet Boys with Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, and Nick Carter, McLean also has a successful solo career performing in the US and Europe.  Prior to his singing career he landed several Disney and Nickelodeon projects.

A.J. McLean proposes to girlfriend

Diana Common Prong Diamond Setting

This beautiful Diana engagement ring #D N153 features 18 round brilliant cut diamonds that are set using common prongs to maximize diamond brilliance.

Diana Common Prong Diamond SettingThis setting is available in platinum, palladium, 18kt white gold or 18kt yellow gold and can accommodate a round brilliant or fancy shape center stone from .40ct to 6.20ct.

Carrie Underwood and Her New Engagement Ring

Now that’s some nice ice!  Carrie Underwood receives some major bling from her Ottawa Senators hockey player boyfriend, Mike Fisher.   When asked about the 5-plus carat round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring that Fisher put on her finger, Underwood revealed to Allure Magazine, “he could’ve put a twisty-tie on my finger and that would’ve worked.”

Carrie Underwood

These days Underwood is talking about her time spent on American Idol and all the movie offers that are pouring in.  She also says that even though she just wrapped a movie about a one-armed surfer, she is in no rush to cross over to acting.

“I get scripts all the time.” She says. “It would really have to be the right thing.  I’m not going to kid myself and pretend that I’m an actress, because I’m not, but if something came up that was just fun, something that would be fun to look at when I’m older, I’d be into that.”

Underwood made her sitcom debut recently on the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”.  She’ll be on the cover of Allure on March 23 and we’ll see if she’s sporting her new engagement ring!

What is a Channel Setting?

A channel setting is a row of diamonds “suspended” between two continuous pieces of metal on the top and bottom with no metal between each stone. Channel settings are very popular for wedding bands and engagement rings. It provides a smooth surface across the ring and protects the girdle of the diamonds which makes it a great setting choice for someone that is very active or uses their hands a great deal. The diamonds used for a wedding band are usually all the same size, but may differ in size for engagement rings graduating from larger to smaller down the shank.

Channel Set Engagement Ring

Channel Set Engagement Ring

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