Eternity Rings


An anniversary is a special occasion that should be honored with a timeless piece of jewelry.  Why settle for a box of chocolates or a fancy meal when you could have something that lasts just like your relationship? Especially after five, ten, or twenty-five years, you should consider commemorating the occasion with these timeless specialty pieces from world-renowned jewelry designers such as Tacori, Scott Kay and Artcarved—all of which will go well with your original diamond engagement and wedding rings.  Here are some great ideas on what to get her for each commemorative anniversary!

diamond studs First Anniversary. For this occasion, you’ll want to surprise her with something elegant to accompany her wedding ring. Go get a fine and simple cake and a good bottle of Veuve-Cliquot champagne. Then surprise with a shimmering pair of diamond studs. They’re an elegant match for her wedding ring!
diamond eternity ring Fifth Anniversary. This is a special occasion and you’ll want to impress her with a sign of your love. Consider an elegant night out to her favorite restaurant. When the desert tray comes by, surprise her with a little jewelry box instead. What are you going to put inside the box? Why not a platinum round brilliant diamond eternity ring? It will last!
diamond tennis bracelet Tenth Anniversary. Now you’ve been together for a decade. Go have fun! Consider a tropical getaway on a beach. While you’re sipping pina-coladas and basking in the sun, show her how much you care with a diamond tennis bracelet carefully tucked inside a seashell. She’ll never forget that vacation!
Diamond Solitaire Pendant Fifteenth Anniversary. Now this is commitment! Have a nice quiet night. Make her dinner. At the end of the night, surprise her with a diamond solitaire pendant on her pillow.
diamond engagement ring Twenty-fifth Anniversary. It’s been twenty-five years and you’re still going strong! Maybe you’ve seen the kids go to college or you’ve moved into a bigger and nicer home than where you began. You have all those great memories to share and now is the perfect time to consider renewing your vows and upgrading the diamond engagement ring you bought her twenty-five ago. Now that money isn’t as tight as it was 25 years ago, show her you’d do it all over again 25 years later.

So maybe you’ve been wondering how to narrow down the tremendous amount of engagement rings available. You’re getting ready to take her out to a five-star restaurant, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you….but you can’t decide on which ring to pick out. Check out what celebrities of the past and present have worn as their engagement rings. You might get some good ideas!

Elizabeth Taylor diamonds Elizabeth Taylor wore a lavish 30-carat emerald cut diamond, given to her by her third husband, Michael Todd.
Donald Trump and Melania Knauss Donald Trump presented his bride with a huge 12-carat emerald-cut engagement ring that cost $1 million.
Paris Hilton Paris Hilton was briefly engaged and reportedly wore a 24-carat emerald cut diamond ring.
Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio eloped, as some may recall. He presented her with a platinum eternity band set with thirty-six small baguette diamonds.
Jessica Simspon and Tony Romo Jessica Simpson was briefly engaged and wore a 4-carat engagement ring that featured an unusual pear-shaped diamond with two side stones.
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Tom Cruise presented Katie Holmes with a 5-carat ring with a classic oval-shaped diamond in a pave setting.
Madonna and Guy Ritchie Madonna’s ring from Guy Richie was reportedly a 5-carat total weight ring with a three-stone design in a bezel setting.

Guys and girls-listen up-there are jewelry pieces that are must-have, timeless pieces that are necessary components of any girl’s collection.  If you’re a guy, maybe you’re wondering what to get her for Valentine’s Day?  Or your anniversary? Maybe you’re just looking for a way to say I love you?  We recommend these “can’t go wrong” timeless jewelry pieces, that she will want to wear all the time, not just sometimes.  And ladies, maybe you’re looking for pieces that are going to last a lifetime–classic jewelry you can wear everywhere: the office, museum, club, formal occasions.  Look no further than this list of classic, timeless jewelry that every woman should have in her collection.  You will never be disappointed with these items.

eternity rings

Eternity rings are a great addition to any collection and an excellent gift for her. If you’re already married, then an eternity ring can be an ideal gift for your anniversary.  There are beautiful customized options including the Platinum Round Brilliant Diamond, the Platinum Princess Cut and the Platinum Emerald Cut eternity rings.

diamond stud earrings

Another refined option for your collection are diamond stud earrings, which will bring out the elegance for any occasion or outfit.  They are always chic, fashionable and a perfect choice for a night on the town.   You should choose studs that are no larger than one carat.  From .5 ct tw to 4 ct tw, you are sure to find the perfect diamond studs that meet your budge

diamond solitaire pendant

Diamond Solitaire Pendants are also an excellent choice for an eclectic style, women on the move, who want something that is just as appropriate for a casual night out as it is for a formal business dinner.   These are not only beautiful additions to anyone’s collection, but come in a wide range of diamond shapes and chains.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis bracelets are another thing to consider, giving her  a classic and opulent feel.  These bracelets come in many different designs and can be worn everywhere, from the shopping mall to the black tie dinner.

While most women will love anything you get them, these are classic, timeless, guaranteed winners!