Paris Hilton’s 24 Carat Engagement Ring

As we know Paris Hilton is one of the more extravagant woman we have seen in the reality world. She is a socialite and part of the Hilton dynasty, so with all that she was born into it’s understood that she would have some expensive taste. And her boyfriend at the time knew that for sure, Paris Latsis. Yes, the same first name as Paris. What are the chances?

These two hit it off and got engaged back in May of 2005, he presented Paris with one of the most infamous rings in history, a staggering 24-carat diamond ring. The ring set Latsis back a cool $4.7 million dollars. It was huge and heavy, so much so that Hilton complained that it was just too cumbersome, and Latsis always the gentlemen bought her a Cartier band to wear when the ring was just too much:

This woman had choices! But she didn’t shy away much from wearing the huge ring…here we have a couple of our favorite pics with the 24-carat diamond:

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Famous Ladies…and their Engagement Rings

Truly awesome diamonds have graced the ring fingers of royalty, actresses, and pop stars over the years. Ever since Maximillian I of Austria gave one of the first diamond engagement rings on record to Mary of Burgundy in 1477, these rings have stood for a loving commitment and an opulent reminder of the love a couple can share. Ever since those first incarnations, diamond engagement rings have become larger, more elaborate, and have come to include a whole score of different jewels and metals.

Elizabeth Taylor diamonds Elizabeth Taylor. When talking about this celebrity, we can’t simply choose one ring to mention. Taylor’s had several husbands, and a score of beautiful rings. She received a 30 carat emerald-cut diamond from Michael Todd, Taylor’s third husband. She also received a 39-carat Krupp diamond, a heart-shaped 17th-century Taj Mahal diamond, and the pear-shaped diamond of 69.42 carats given to her by Richard Burton.
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip Queen Elizabeth II. We can’t forget this royal, who received a majestic engagement ring from Prince Phillip, crafted from the diamonds of his mother’s tiara. The ring features a classic 3-carat diamond set in platinum with five smaller stones.
Princess DI engagement ring Princess Diana. This royal icon received a lavish engagement ring from Prince Charles of 18-carat blue oval sapphire, surrounded by fourteen diamonds. Prince Charles originally proposed to Diana without an engagement ring. He asked her to consider the media scrutiny and royal pressures before accepting. Diana soon accepted and was presented with an assortment of engagement ring options from Garrard Jewelers, the official royal jeweler since 1843.
Madonna and Guy Ritchie Madonna. This pop icon received a three-stone antique Edwardian engagement ring from former husband Guy Ritchie. The ring featured five-carat’s worth of round diamonds. The Neil Lane-crafted ring featured a decorative platinum band with the three stones meant to represent mother, father and their son.
Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis Paris Hilton. Though she never married the Greek shipping heir, billionaire Paris Latsis, she certainly did get a whopping engagement package from him. The celebutante received two diamond engagement rings: a $5 million 24-carat canary diamond ring and a $2.1 million 15-carat white-diamond ring. When the engagement plans fell through, Hilton auctioned off the nearly $5 million ring to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. The ring sold for half its original price.

Hollywood’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

In the land of celebutantes, million dollar paychecks, and epic courtships, why be surprised that some of Hollywood’s engagement rings can be priced for up to several million dollars? When you’re a superstar and known the world over for some of your work, but mostly your tabloid exploits, then you need a engagement ring that will rival all others. Here are the top ten.

Paris Hilton and Paris Latis Paris Hilton. Can we really be surprised that this Hilton heiress and celebutante of all celebutantes received an engagement ring from Greek shipping heir Paris Latis with a value of $4.7 million dollars? The extravagant ring came with 24-carats of emerald cut diamonds. Eventually, though, Hilton resisted and the two parted amicably.
Donald Trump and Melania Knauss Donald Trump. Getting engaged didn’t stop this billionaire media mogul from some healthy self-promotion. When he proposed to Melanie Knauss with an enormous 15-carat diamond in 2004, he also advertised that it was the most expensive engagement ring in history.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Her engagement ring with the Greek shipping multi-millionaire caught the attention of the world. Even in 1996, when the engagement ring was auctioned off, it collected a cool $2.6 million.
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. When this “Wall Street” star proposed to the much younger, voluptuous Zeta Jones, he did so in superb style with a $2 million marquise cut antique diamond engagement ring.
Tom Cruise and katie Holmes Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. When this mega-star proposed to youthful Katie Holmes, he was somewhat more contained than his infamous couch-hopping episode on “Oprah”. He presented her with an Edwardian style oval-shaped diamond ring that is estimated to cost around $1.5 million. She didn’t have to think twice to say yes.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Affleck surprised the voluptuous Latin star by presenting her with a $1.2 million engagement ring featuring an amazing 6.1 carat pink Harry Winston diamond.
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. Getting down on one knee for his one true love, Prince Charles proposed to his longtime partner, Camilla Parker Bowles, with a square-cut diamond ring that experts estimate to have a value of $1 million.
Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller. Sheen placed a huge radiant-cut yellow diamond engagement ring on Brooke Mueller’s finger and asked for her hand in marriage. With the ring costing about $550,000, of course she said yes!
Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. Sports star Tony Parker went behind the scenes to find just the right engagement ring for this “Desperate Housewives” star. With the help of celebrated French jeweler Jean Dousset, he presented Longoria with an original emerald-cut diamond ring that reportedly cost half a million dollars.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Okay, okay, now we know that Ben Affleck is certainly not cheap! He spent $500,000 to get “Alias” star Jennifer Garner the engagement ring of her dreams. Not as much as J-Lo, but still not bad.

Nicole Richie’s Exclusive Wedding Plans

News of the engagement between Nicole Richie and Joel Madden hit the tabloids this week, after Richie’s announcement on Letterman.  Now everyone’s wondering: what kind of wedding will it be?  We haven’t gotten a really good look at the sizable engagement ring yet.  And the always fashionable Richie can almost be assured to wear a lot of lavish jewelry to her wedding, though it is possible the wedding could be very understated and simple.  Friends of the couple reveal that a simple and classic ceremony is in the works.  And there are no plans to invite Richie’s former party-girl BFF, Paris Hilton.

nicole richie and joel madden

“Nicole wants to keep the ceremony to close friends and family.  It will be traditional with a simple white dress and very private.” A Richie friend confided.  “Both parents want their two beautiful children—daughter Harlow (2) and son Sparrow (5 months)—to be involved in the service where Nicole’s famous father Lionel Richie will give her away.  However, old BFF Paris Hilton will not be a bridesmaid.”

So come summer we might expect a more demure wedding from this couple…perhaps only a few hundred guests, ten bridesmaids, and a $2 million engagement ring. It won’t happen without a press release.