3 Scott Kay Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that is sure to impress her, then look no further than Scott Kay.  His motto, “Never compromise”, ensures world-class jewelry that holds itself to a unique standard of durability, craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. The celebrated jewelry designer says of his jewelry, “Don’t try to sell the whole world. Don’t keep jumping all over the place.  Find something that is your vibe, your language, so that other people can see what inspires you.”  The same could be said for shopping for engagement rings!

Scott Kay 1.06ct Split Shank Pave Setting Scott Kay 1.06ct Split Shank Pave Setting. This gorgeous setting is perfect for a larger diamond. It features a split band with small pave-set round diamonds. A single large prong set is placed on either side of your chosen center diamond. Definitely one of the more extravagant choices Scott Kay has to offer.
Scott Kay .87ct Vintage Style Princess Cut Setting Scott Kay .87ct Vintage Style Princess Cut Setting. This excellent setting from the Scott Kay Vintage Collection features scroll engraving on either sides of the band, as well as two larger prong-set princess cut side stones. For added elegance, there are also smaller channel-set princess cuts going half-way around the band. And for extra chic appeal, two princess cut “surprise” diamonds are placed on the top and bottom of the setting. This is a great, classic choice for those looking for a ring with a rich timeless appeal.
Scott Kay Emerald Cut Setting with Pave Diamonds Scott Kay Emerald Cut Setting with Pave Diamonds .57ct. A stunning engagement ring choice, this piece features an emerald-cut side diamond on either side of your choice of a center diamond. Why not go big for such a beautiful ring? Additionally, 10 beautiful small round brilliant diamonds are encased in pave settings on the band.

3 Pave Set Tacori Engagement Rings

Pave engagement rings can be a rich, excellent choice for an engagement ring. They come encrusted with the appearance of diamonds set along the band. With very little of the original metal band showing through, the diamonds all appear to be free-standing. There are distinctions such as “full pave”, where diamonds go around the whole band, or “half pave”, where diamonds go halfway around the band. Most center stones are prong-set, basket-set or bezel-set, to separate the center diamond from the pave setting. Here are some pave choices from Tacori that are sure to be timeless engagement rings.

Tacori Setting with Pave Set Diamonds-.29ct Tacori Setting w/ Pave Set Diamonds–.29ct. This stunning option comes handmade by Tacori and feature round brilliant cut diamonds pave set around the center diamond and shoulders of the band. It’s not too showy, while also maintaining the classic elegance Tacori is known for.
Tacori Channel-Set and Pave Diamond Setting Tacori Channel-Set and Pave Diamond Setting. Beautiful, classic, timeless are all adjectives used to describe this piece. Handmade by Tacori and featuring round brilliant diamonds going around the band. Available in “full pave setting or half pave” setting.
Tacori Sapphire Shield-Cut and Pave Diamond Setting Tacori Sapphire Shield-Cut & Pave Diamond Setting. Featuring two shield-cut sapphires, as well as round pave-set diamonds covering the band. You choose the center stone. This piece is uniquely different from other engagement rings because of the sapphire and has a charming elegance about it.

Five Young Celebrity Engagement Rings

Maybe you’re planning to propose this season and are looking for some ideas to help you choose the right ring for your bride-to-be. Take a look at these celebrity engagement ring stone selections and variety of diamonds cuts to give you more than a few ideas.

Ivanka Trump Ivanka Trump. Made by her own jewelry company, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, Trump’s engagement ring is not too subtle and not too flashy—a five carat stone that is cushion cut with pave settings and coming in at a cost of $150,000.
Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen Elisabeth Moss. This “Mad Men” star showcases a romantic and contemporary ring that is a four-carat round cut and weighs in at $120,000. Solaitaire rings like this one have a chic and understated feel.
Bethenny Frankel Bethenny Frankel. Friends of this “Real Housewives of New York” star say this ring reflects her personality and “steals the show just like her”. The engagement ring is a Kristin Farrell pear-cut diamond that comes in at eight carats and had an estimated cost of $65,000.
Zooey Deschanel Zooey Deschanel. This classic diamond ring fits this indie’s star style perfectly. The cut is an unusual and not-often used Asscher cut with a three-carat stone and pave setting at an estimated cost of $40,000.
Emily Blunt Emily Blunt. This chic and simple British star from “The Devil Wears Prada” found a unique Edwardian cut three-carat diamond ring that emits classic elegance and opulence. Designed by famed jeweler Neil Lane, the ring has an estimated cost of $80,000.

Engagement Ring Secrets of the Stars

Everyone knows that celebrities love to go over the top. And why shouldn’t they? With millions of dollars in their bank accounts, engagement rings for the stars can’t be cheap. Curious about some of the past splurges of some of Hollywood’s big stars? Over the years, Hollywood has seen some stones that have only matched it’s wearers in star potential.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

When Richard Burton proposed to Elizabeth Taylor, he sought the advice of many of the world’s top jewelers to come up with a lavish ring. Burton eventually settled on a 70-carat pear shaped diamond engagement ring that, by today’s standard may be a bit modest, but which back in the sixties was considered highly extravagant.

Tom Cruise presented Katie Holmes with a wedding in a candlelit Italian castle. The wedding ring Tom chose for her reflected a five carat oval diamond in platinum and pave settings. Meanwhile Scarlett Johansson also chose a pave setting band when she became engaged. Her engagement ring featured a three carat round diamond.

Celebrity engagement rings typically go for a sum of around $100,000, on the low end of the spectrum. Some of the more extravagant spenders will pay up to a few million dollars for their wedding rings.

Other celebrity diamond ring highlights include Ashlee Simpson’s ring, which is a 4-carat Asscher cut encircled with several smaller diamonds. An Asscher cut is a unique cut that is quite rare today. Fergie’s ring, on the other hand, was a three-carat round brilliant cut diamond in a platinum band.

But perhaps Eva Longoria’s ring is one of the highlights of celebrity engagement rings. When Longoria married Tony Parker the two exchanged nearly identical engagement rings except that his did not feature stones. The two wed romantically in a highly publicized wedding in Paris in 2007. Longoria wore a white gold band that included double rows of eighty brilliant cut diamonds, separated by a row of twenty-seven square cut diamonds.

Simon G Butterfly Pave Diamond Setting

This beautiful Simon G engagement ring features a half moon shaped diamond on either side of your choice of a center stone and round brilliant cut pave-set diamonds on the band.

Available in platinum, 18kt white gold or 18kt yellow gold and can accommodate a round brilliant or fancy shaped center stone from .70ct to 4.20ct.

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Diana Solitaire Setting with Pave Diamond Basket Accents

This stylish Diana engagement ring features split prongs and small round brilliant cut pave set diamonds on the sides of the basket.

Diana Solitaire Setting with Pave Diamond Basket AccentsAvailable in palladium, platinum, 18kt white gold or 18kt  yellow gold and can accommodate a round brilliant or fancy shaped center stone from .40ct to 6.20ct.