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Mother’s Day is the second largest U.S. consumer spending holiday after the winter holidays, according to the National Retail Federation.  What are you going to get for Mom this Mother’s Day?  Having the benefit of being strategically situated in Spring, Mother’s Day is a fantastic holiday for bright pastel-colored gemstone jewelry.  Its also never a bad idea to find some regal and elegant diamond jewelry  for Mom, particularly if it’s been a special year for her. Check out these options from Tacori and Roberto Coin for Mother’s Day.

Tacori 18k925 Prasiolite Ring Tacori 18k925 Prasiolite Ring. Nothing like this exclusive ring from Tacori’s 18k925 collection to brighten Mom’s day. She can wear it on those sunny Spring days in the garden, at the park, office or wherever she wants to go–it’s an incredibly versatile piece. This ring features a center stone of pale seafoam-mint Prasiolite. 18k golden diamond petals gild the lily atop a .925 silver sculpted crescent frame.
Tacori 18k925 Rose Amethyst Over Pink Mother-of-Pearl & Diamond Earrings Tacori 18k925 Rose Amethyst Over Pink Mother-of-Pearl & Diamond Earrings. Pink is a fantastic color for a jewelry item on Mother’s Day and these luscious strawberries and cream drop earrings will definitely brighten Mom’s smile. These earrings are elegantly framed in 18k rose gold diamond crescents and give off a soft multidimensional pink glow.
Roberto Coin Appassionata Bracelet with Diamond Center Roberto Coin Appassionata Bracelet with Diamond Center. If you’ve got some money in your pockets, and Mom likes stately elegance, then you can’t go wrong with this diamond bracelet from Roberto Coin. This bracelet features a Roberto Copin favorite–woven 18k gold–with shimmering diamonds running down the center that will catch everyone’s attention and make Mom feel like a star.
18k Yellow Gold Iconic Medallion by Tacori 18k Yellow Gold Iconic Medallion Pendant by Tacori. Does Mom like to wear pendants and medallions along with flowing scarves and billowing gowns? Then this might be just the right piece for her. Coming from the Tacori Champagne Sunset Collection, this elegant medallion features diamonds shimmering on golden designs, with hues of dusk and dawn.
Roberto Coin Basketweave Collection Flexible Bracelet Roberto Coin Basket Weave Collection Flexible Bracelet. Simple and earthy, with a subtle elegance, this piece from Roberto Coin’s Basketweave Collection, features yellow gold with a soft and flexible fit. This bracelet is extremely versatile and can be worn anywear–great for Moms on the go!

So you want to get her jewelry on your anniversary, but need some ideas on how to give it to her creatively? Don’t just hand her a box! Be romantic and creative about it. There’s lots of ways to make your anniversary memorable. Here are some ideas for excellent anniversary jewelry items from Tacori and Roberto Coin, as well as several great ways to make your anniversary something she’ll never forget.

Tacori Chalcedony Drop Earrings Take her on a stroll through your favorite park. At a selected hidden destination have an elegant picnic all set out for her. You can have a friend set this up. Choose some fine cheeses, artisinal chocolates, fresh fruits and her favorite champagne. And then present her with a jewelry item, perhaps from the Tacori 18k925 collection, such as their Chalcedony Drop Earrings.
Tacori 18k White Gold & Diamond Tears of Joy Pendant Romantic Weekend at the Beach. Make plans to leave town on a Friday and head to a rented beach house. Go swimming, hiking–get all your sun-filled activities in. And then, maybe over a candlelit dinner or on a towel on the sunny beach, present her with your Tacori anniversary gift: an 18k White Gold & Diamond Tears of Joy Pendant.
Roberto Coin Yellow Gold Woven Bracelet Go see a romantic movie together. If you’re a couple that really gets into seeing Hollywood romances, then head to the movie theater and check out one of the romances. If there’s a revival house in your area, maybe you can check out an old Hollywood classic romance. This can be a low-key anniversary option, until you get back home and present her with a gift from the Roberto Coin Appassionata Collection: a Yellow Gold Woven Bracelet that will be perfect for the future fabulous fancy dinners you’ll share together.
Roberto Coin Basketweave White Gold & Diamond Earrings Pick a tropical vacation hotspot. Whether it’s in the Caribbean or Rio or Tahiti, there’s absolutely nothing like a tropical destination to create a setting for a hot and romantic tropical anniversary. Go snorkeling, swim with dolphins, enjoy the fantastic local cuisine. And don’t forget to get that jewelry keepsake that she’ll have forever: Roberto Coin Basketweave White Gold Diamond Earrings. Think about some creative wrapping–perhaps give your gift to her inside a coconut shell or a large conch from the beach. Also think about presenting it to her at sunset.
Roberto Coin Appassionata Bracelet with Diamond Center Surprise her when she comes home with a room filled with balloons and several small, numbered gift boxes. Inside of each box include a short poem you wrote for her. If you’re not much of a poet, then include some quoted poems from Rumi or Shakespeare’s sonnets. Finally, when she gets to the last box, have a very special surprise waiting for her inside: a Roberto Coin Appassionata Bracelet with Diamond Center.
Roberto Coin Silk Collection Earrings with Diamond and Mother of Pearl Center Road Trip! For those of you who really want to spend your anniversary being adventurous, consider taking a weekend road trip. Maybe go somewhere secluded and rustic, find a nice bed & breakfast to stay at and enjoy a romantic day trip to a charming small town. In this old-fashioned setting, present her with something extravagant that she’ll be excited to wear when she gets back home: Roberto Coin Silk Collection Earrings with Diamond and Mother of Pearl Center.
Tacori Smoky Quartz & Diamond Pendant Don’t forget the flowers. Treat her to a multiple-course meal at her favorite restaurant. Get the sweetest desert! Then when you get home, let her be surprised when she finds fifty sweet-smelling flowers in the living room. And don’t forget to wrap your most luxurious anniversary gift around the center flower: a Tacori 18k925 Smoky Quartz and Diamond Pendant.
Tacori Lemon Quartz & Diamond Pendant Go with a theme. Whether you want a Hawaiian anniversary replete with pupu patters and leis, or a special costume party anniversary that you can celebrate with friends, going with a theme can be a fun way to go. Don’t forget to find that opportune moment to present her with your anniversary gift: a Tacori 18k925 Lemon Quartz & Diamond Pendant.
Roberto Coin Chic and Shine Collection Necklace with Lariat Go somewhere fun! And we mean–really fun. An amusement park or them park can be a great place to go for an anniversary. If you have kids, this might be the perfect opportunity to visit Disney World. Otherwise try going to Six Flags or some other theme park nearby. And when the time is right–maybe at the top of the ferris wheel or midway through one of the rides–present her with this beauty: Roberto Coin Chic and Shine Collection Necklace with Lariat. Just make sure you don’t give it to her on the rollercoaster!
Roberto Coin Romantic 18k Yellow and White Gold Heart Necklace Put together a memory book. So you’ve been together for one, two, five, ten or more years. Perhaps you have a ton of photos, waiting in boxes and haven’t compiled them yet. Your anniversary is the perfect time to spend a day together selecting photos from your romance and putting them together in one romantic album. After you’ve compiled all the photos, say you found one more photo box and give it to her. When she opens the photo box, she’ll find a jewelry box instead with this inside: Roberto Coin Romantic 18k Yellow and White Gold Heart Necklace.

One of the more fashionable and cosmopolitan choices on the jewelry market, Roberto Coin jewelry items are a great choice for accesorizing your wardrobe with a haute-couture feel. You need look no further than the Roberto Coin Appassionata Collection to find elegant pieces that instantly covey a sense of power and opulence. This collection has a timeless and seductive beauty, which will not go unnoticed. The signature of many Roberto Coin pieces is the use of rubies and rubellite in many of the pieces. From elegant art openings to nights at the opera, Roberto Coin jewelry pieces will make you feel chic, stylish, beautiful

Roberto Coin Appassionata Collection Yellow Gold Woven Earrings Roberto Coin Appassionata Collection Yellow Gold Woven Earrings. Featuring three rows of woven yellow gold, these earrings are so versatile you could wear them anywhere—from the boardroom to your anniversary dinner. They offer a regal feel that will instantly give you a feeling of classy power.
Roberto Coin Appassionata Yellow Gold Woven Bracelet Roberto Coin Appassionata Collection Yellow Gold Woven Bracelet. This bracelet is instantly recognizable as a signature opulent piece that is bound to stun anyone who sees you wearing it. Effortlessly elegant, this stunning bracelet features five rows of woven yellow gold with three rows of pave set diamonds on the clasp.
Roberto Coin Appassionata Bracelet with Diamond Center Roberto Coin Appassionata Bracelet with Diamond Center. This signature piece will impress on any special occasion. Glittering with diamonds running through the center, this piece is ideal as an opulent selection for very special occasions

Guys and girls-listen up-there are jewelry pieces that are must-have, timeless pieces that are necessary components of any girl’s collection.  If you’re a guy, maybe you’re wondering what to get her for Valentine’s Day?  Or your anniversary? Maybe you’re just looking for a way to say I love you?  We recommend these “can’t go wrong” timeless jewelry pieces, that she will want to wear all the time, not just sometimes.  And ladies, maybe you’re looking for pieces that are going to last a lifetime–classic jewelry you can wear everywhere: the office, museum, club, formal occasions.  Look no further than this list of classic, timeless jewelry that every woman should have in her collection.  You will never be disappointed with these items.

eternity rings

Eternity rings are a great addition to any collection and an excellent gift for her. If you’re already married, then an eternity ring can be an ideal gift for your anniversary.  There are beautiful customized options including the Platinum Round Brilliant Diamond, the Platinum Princess Cut and the Platinum Emerald Cut eternity rings.

diamond stud earrings

Another refined option for your collection are diamond stud earrings, which will bring out the elegance for any occasion or outfit.  They are always chic, fashionable and a perfect choice for a night on the town.   You should choose studs that are no larger than one carat.  From .5 ct tw to 4 ct tw, you are sure to find the perfect diamond studs that meet your budge

diamond solitaire pendant

Diamond Solitaire Pendants are also an excellent choice for an eclectic style, women on the move, who want something that is just as appropriate for a casual night out as it is for a formal business dinner.   These are not only beautiful additions to anyone’s collection, but come in a wide range of diamond shapes and chains.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis bracelets are another thing to consider, giving her  a classic and opulent feel.  These bracelets come in many different designs and can be worn everywhere, from the shopping mall to the black tie dinner.

While most women will love anything you get them, these are classic, timeless, guaranteed winners!

It’s that time of year, guys, so check out these beautiful gift ideas for the lady in your life. From earrings to pendants and bracelets, these pieces start below $100, so even if times are tough you can still add some sparkle to her life.

14k Gold Citrine Hanging Earrings1. 14k Gold Citrine Hanging Earrings – $230

These stylish hanging earrings are made in 14 karat yellow gold and feature alternating faceted citrines and gold balls.

18k White Gold Ruby and Diamond Pendant2. 18k White Gold Ruby and Diamond Pendant – $562

Beautiful pendant set with five oval shaped rubies set with and six round brilliant cut diamonds in a floral design. The bail is set with pave diamonds.

14k Gold Hanging Circle Disc Earrings3. 14k Gold Hanging Circle Disc Earrings – $200

Truly unique and beautiful, you’ll love wearing these beautiful 14 karat gold earrings. These hanging earrings are home to three diamond cut white gold beads that dangle in circle yellow gold discs to create a fashionable and fun piece.

Tacori 18K925 Colored Medley 38" Necklace4. Tacori 18K925 Colored Medley 38″ Necklace – $670

Faceted candy-drop gems in a kaleidoscope medley flutter in pronged 18k yellow gold circlets, fastened into a single opera-length strand that works alone, layered or double up.

1.43ct 18k Rose Gold Pave Bangle Bracelet5. 1.43ct 18k Rose Gold Pave Bangle Bracelet – $1350

This stunning bracelet is made in 18 karat rose gold and features a single row of 83 round brilliant cut diamonds which are pave-set. The hinged bangle opens by a hidden clasp making it easy to put on and take off.

14k Tri-Color Gold Hanging Circle Earrings6. 14k Tri-Color Gold Hanging Circle Earrings – $165

These stylish 14 karat gold hanging earrings each feature a rose, white and yellow gold circle.

18k White Gold Peridot Amethyst & Diamond Drop Earrings7. 18k White Gold Peridot Amethyst & Diamond Drop Earrings – $2600

Two round peridot and two round amethyst are surrounded by pave-set round brilliant diamonds in these beautiful 18 karat white gold earrings.

14k Gold 6.0-6.5mm Akoya Cultured Pearl Earrings8. 14k Gold 6.0-6.5mm Akoya Cultured Pearl Earrings – $70

These Akoya sea pearls are completely round with a rich, warm luster and lovely shine. Each beautiful 6.0-6.5mm pearl is mounted on a solid 14 karat yellow gold post. This pair of earrings complements any pearl necklace, but are just as beautiful on their own!

14k Rose Gold Bangle9. 14k Rose Gold Bangle – $130

This polished 14 karat rose gold bangle will become a new favorite in your jewelry box! The simplicity in design of the bracelet allows for it to be worn either single or mixed and matched with other Bangles. Wear it everday or for that fun night out!

Roberto Coin 18k White Gold Skull Pendant with Diamonds10. Roberto Coin 18k White Gold Skull Pendant with Diamonds – $925

This stunning Roberto Coin pendant features an 18k white gold sparkling diamond skull and crossbones pendant.