Tom Arnold Speaks Candidly On Fourth Marriage

Tom Arnold is one of those guys that you either love or hate, or a little of both! The hyper actor and comedian is mostly famous for his act, and of course his role in True Lies, but one of the things that makes him most remembered, is his crazy relationship with the one and only Roseanne Barr, another person that you either love or hate. 

The two together were always fighting, and brought middle America to the forefront in a way that left many people scratching their heads. Although not married for long the two have always had a weird connection, even after all these years…Arnold talks about his relationship with the fiery actress fondly, mostly blaming all the drugs in his past for the first missteps in their partnership.

He married two times after he divorced Barr and both were over pretty quickly, but he says now after all that time learning, wife number four is his true other half. He shares his dreams of having children and about marriage in a very candid interview with PopEater, check out some of his answers in regards to the marriage:

“I know Ashley is different from anyone I’ve ever met. It’s like you have such high hopes when you meet someone. You fall in love with them, you say this is going to turn out wonderful, one of these days they’re going to be so crazy about me, we will be a team. Instead of it’s going to be amazing, we are a team. We’ve got each other’s backs, now let’s get married. I just had it reversed, when I think about it now I’m horrified. How could I have wasted so much money, and time and energy? Divorce is just brutally painful and I went through it and then I did it again and then I did it again. The thing is, I know it sounds like a cliché but if I hadn’t have gone through all that I wouldn’t have met Ashley. But this is it.”

I can’t help but what all positivity for him, Arnold has his demons, but he always means well, and the man is beyond genuine, he even shares that he has a low sperm count and that is has lead to trouble conceiving:

“Yeah it’s almost non-existent. I had some frozen 15 years ago that we brought out. We’re in the process of this now. We’ve decided it’s going to happen 100% we’re going to have children no matter how it happens. I’m not going to let my low sperm count derail Ashley’s dreams of being a mother and mine too. We will make it happen.”

Aww, I really hope this one lasts, it looks like after years of struggling, he has got it down, and found a good woman to be by his side, can’t hate on that.

Photo: Daily News

20 Most Ridiculous Pre-nups

In today’s world of movers and shakers, getting a prenuptial agreement is becoming increasingly more common, with spouses making sure their needs are met in pre-disclosed legal arrangements. It’s more about getting what you want after getting your choice of decadent designer engagement rings—and some couples can be very specific! Check out some of the world’s most ridiculous prenuptial agreements to see how demanding some marriages can be.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Britney Spears apparently believed so much in her undying love with Keven Federline that she originally didn’t want to get a pre-nup. But then all her celebrity friends insisted that she get one, including Donald Trump. Ultimately Spears did have her lawyers devise a pre-nup, which assured that Federline with $1 million. Thankfully this pre-nup was devised because otherwise Federline could have taken a huge sum of Spears’ hard-earned fortune.
Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky Construction worker Larry Fortensky found a way to make his marriage pay. Before marrying superstar actress Elizabeth Taylor, the couple devised a pre-nup that stated Fortensky would receive $1 million after five years of marriage, regardless of whether the couple divorced or not.
Khloe Kardashian Reality star Khloe Kardashian indicated in her prenup that she wanted a flat sum of about $500,000 for each year they were married, $25,000 a month in general support, their new house, a new luxury vehicle at the ned of every lease cycle, $5,000 a month for shopping, $1,000 a month for beauty care, and courtside Laker’s tickets for her and her family. Geez!
Couple kissing One prenup not only indicated the number of times the couple was to have sex per week, but also the positions tried. The “reverse cowboy” twice a week? Okay, I guess!
woman smoking marijuana Some couples have required there spouses to perform random drug tests. And if the results came back positive, they would have to start paying!
In-Laws According to one attorney, some couples have drafted into their pre-nup that they would be able to opt out of all vacations with their in-laws. Why bother!
Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren wedding After his disastrous affairs with several mistresses was revealed, Tiger Wood’s retooled his prenup agreement to give wife Elin Nordegren incentive to stay. Apparently, Elin was offered $5 million immediately if she agreed to stay and eventually $55 million if she stayed another two years. Not bad!
football One woman indicated she wanted to limit her husband to watching only one football game per week.
Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo When football star Tony Romo and Jessica Simspson were still together, there was much talk about an engagement. Some sources said that Romo might’ve wanted to include a “porker clause” in their pre-nup, which would theoretically state that if Simpson weighed more than 135 pounds during their marriage, she would have to pay him $500K. Stay away from the buffallo wings, Jessica!
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Superstar Nicole Kidman apparently had no original pre-nup with country crooner Keith Urban. But as her advisors insisted, Kidman arranged that Urban would get approximately $640K per year married if she and Urban divorced. There was one catch, however. Urban was a former drug addict and if it was found that he relapsed, then he wouldn’t receive a penny.
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Rumors were splashed across the tabloids regarding Katie Holmes’ and Tom Cruise’s pre-nup. They settled on agreement where Holmes would get a sizable sum–$3 million per year married. But after eleven years, Holmes would inherit half of Cruise’s mega-fortune. Almost there, Katie!
airplane One woman drafted a pre-nup that stated she could use her husband’s frequent-flier miles if he were ever to be caught cheating. Um…okay?
Cat Lady One of the more odd pre-nups provided that the wife be allowed to own as many pets as she wish. Sounds like a cat lady in the making.
Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards The divorce between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards was particularly messy, with tabloid fights and endless character attacks. But fortunately there was a pre-nup in place which kept all financial matters on track. The most interesting part of their pre-nup was that Richards would receive a $4 million bonus if Sheen ever cheated on her. Cha-ching!
Cheating Another crazed pre-nup included a payout of $100,000 every time the spouse was caught cheating. Time to cash in.
weight scale One weight-obsessed husband insisted that his wife never weigh more than 120 pounds. If she did, he’d punish her with a penalty of $100,000. Stay away from the ice cream!
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones also included cheating as a factor in their pre-nup. Not only does Zeta-Jones get a big chunk–$2.8 million per year married–but she also gets $5 million if Douglas was ever caught cheating. The former philanderer (and over twenty years older) Douglas hasn’t been caught yet, so this couple may be in it for the long-haul.
Jane Beasley Welch The Head of General Electric might have wanted to consider better lawyers–he could certainly afford them, right? General Electric Head Jack Welch and wife Jane Beasley Welch had a very detailed pre-nup devised. However, Jane included a “sunset clause” in the pre-nup which effectively abolished the pre-nup after ten years of marriage. And then Jane took off with a cool $150 million!
taxidermied horse According to attorney Leon F. Bennett, who has represented Marlon Brando and Dennis Hopper, he once represented a case where a couple’s taxidermied horse was mentioned in the pre-nup.
Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold One crazy pre-nup can sometimes be to not get one! As the reigning queen of television for most of the nineties, Roseanne Barr made the worst error by firing her lawyer for suggesting she get a pre-nup when she married Tom Arnold in 1990. Four years later, she paid for it dearly when their messy divorce cost her $50 million.