Scott Kay Engagement Ring M043810

This classic solitaire engagement ring setting by Scott Kay M043810 will perfectly show off your choice of a center diamond. A beautiful ring that is traditional but still has enough pizazz to show off a lovely diamond.

3 Scott Kay Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that is sure to impress her, then look no further than Scott Kay.  His motto, “Never compromise”, ensures world-class jewelry that holds itself to a unique standard of durability, craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. The celebrated jewelry designer says of his jewelry, “Don’t try to sell the whole world. Don’t keep jumping all over the place.  Find something that is your vibe, your language, so that other people can see what inspires you.”  The same could be said for shopping for engagement rings!

Scott Kay 1.06ct Split Shank Pave Setting Scott Kay 1.06ct Split Shank Pave Setting. This gorgeous setting is perfect for a larger diamond. It features a split band with small pave-set round diamonds. A single large prong set is placed on either side of your chosen center diamond. Definitely one of the more extravagant choices Scott Kay has to offer.
Scott Kay .87ct Vintage Style Princess Cut Setting Scott Kay .87ct Vintage Style Princess Cut Setting. This excellent setting from the Scott Kay Vintage Collection features scroll engraving on either sides of the band, as well as two larger prong-set princess cut side stones. For added elegance, there are also smaller channel-set princess cuts going half-way around the band. And for extra chic appeal, two princess cut “surprise” diamonds are placed on the top and bottom of the setting. This is a great, classic choice for those looking for a ring with a rich timeless appeal.
Scott Kay Emerald Cut Setting with Pave Diamonds Scott Kay Emerald Cut Setting with Pave Diamonds .57ct. A stunning engagement ring choice, this piece features an emerald-cut side diamond on either side of your choice of a center diamond. Why not go big for such a beautiful ring? Additionally, 10 beautiful small round brilliant diamonds are encased in pave settings on the band.

Scott Kay: New White Metal Tougher than Tungsten

Jewelry pioneer Scott Kay formed an unlikely alliance last year with a metal maker and fabricator to produce a new white metal that is (incredibly) more durable than Tungsten Carbide and costs only a fraction of the price of platinum.

Scott Kay Cobalt Blue Rings

Kay was incensed last year when he started researching the “indestructible” durability of industry standard, tungsten carbide.  When he discovered that tungsten was in fact destructible and that there was possibly a stronger metal out there, Kay set out with metallurgists to find such a metal.

In late Fall last year, Kay unveiled the new metal, BioBlue 27.  The unique material is bright white, more durable than tungsten carbide, and consists of 64 percent cobalt , 29 percent  chromium, and 6 percent molybdenum.  It can also be cast or milled and inlaid with precious metals, which helps Scott Kay make some of his finest and most stunning jewelry items.  Kay released the unique Cobalt Bridal line late last year, which features men’s engagement rings that are sturdier and more durable than almost anything out there and come in the brilliant cobalt white metal.

Diamond Jewelry gifts for Your Anniversary

An anniversary is a special occasion that should be honored with a timeless piece of jewelry.  Why settle for a box of chocolates or a fancy meal when you could have something that lasts just like your relationship? Especially after five, ten, or twenty-five years, you should consider commemorating the occasion with these timeless specialty pieces from world-renowned jewelry designers such as Tacori, Scott Kay and Artcarved—all of which will go well with your original diamond engagement and wedding rings.  Here are some great ideas on what to get her for each commemorative anniversary!

diamond studs First Anniversary. For this occasion, you’ll want to surprise her with something elegant to accompany her wedding ring. Go get a fine and simple cake and a good bottle of Veuve-Cliquot champagne. Then surprise with a shimmering pair of diamond studs. They’re an elegant match for her wedding ring!
diamond eternity ring Fifth Anniversary. This is a special occasion and you’ll want to impress her with a sign of your love. Consider an elegant night out to her favorite restaurant. When the desert tray comes by, surprise her with a little jewelry box instead. What are you going to put inside the box? Why not a platinum round brilliant diamond eternity ring? It will last!
diamond tennis bracelet Tenth Anniversary. Now you’ve been together for a decade. Go have fun! Consider a tropical getaway on a beach. While you’re sipping pina-coladas and basking in the sun, show her how much you care with a diamond tennis bracelet carefully tucked inside a seashell. She’ll never forget that vacation!
Diamond Solitaire Pendant Fifteenth Anniversary. Now this is commitment! Have a nice quiet night. Make her dinner. At the end of the night, surprise her with a diamond solitaire pendant on her pillow.
diamond engagement ring Twenty-fifth Anniversary. It’s been twenty-five years and you’re still going strong! Maybe you’ve seen the kids go to college or you’ve moved into a bigger and nicer home than where you began. You have all those great memories to share and now is the perfect time to consider renewing your vows and upgrading the diamond engagement ring you bought her twenty-five ago. Now that money isn’t as tight as it was 25 years ago, show her you’d do it all over again 25 years later.

Five Things to Consider for Solitaire Engagement Rings

A solitaire ring means there is one stone, without side stones, accent stones, or other gem embellishments. They are simple and elegant and can symbolize the singular love a couple shares. Here are five things you should consider when buying solitaire engagement rings.

1. The Band. A smaller and thinner band will emphasize the diamond. This is also a great choice for slender fingers. You may also want to find a two-toned or etched band to add intricacy to the ring. Renowned jewelry designer Scott Kay produces exquisite, unique bands in platinum and palladium.

2. Metals. Consider using a two-tone ring or a higher quality metal than the industry standard of 14-karat gold. You may want a higher grade of gold, such as 18-karat, which can give your ring a more yellowish hue. Besides Scott Kay’s platinum and palladium offerings, you may also want to consider white gold offerings by Tacori.

3. Diamond Shapes. There are many diamond shapes that can be used to create a beautiful solitaire ring. Of course, the most popular shape tends to be round, but you can also consider Marquise, pear, emerald and oval-shaped stones. Some even choose to a heart shaped diamond.

4. Setting. The most popular setting is the prong setting and the size and number of prongs vary according to the size and shape of the stone. Many also choose bezel, tension and flush settings for solitaire rings.

5. Diamond Quality. You will want to get the best possible diamond for any ring, but especially for a solitaire, where the stone is so prominently on display. You will want to be familiar with the 4 c’s of diamond education: (cut, clarity, carat, color) to figure out the perfect combination for your taste.

Scott Kay Talks About Jewelry as an Art Form

Known as one of the most successful retail jewelry designers in the world, Scott Kay recently talked about his role as an artist in the jewelry industry and the hurdles he had to pass to get ahead. Kay is well known for his innovative use of precious metals that some have said would never catch on. He is largely credited.for kick-starting a resurgent interest in platinum and is now focusing his efforts on utilizing palladium for his rings, which has caused some to ask whether this creates a conflict of interests between his platinum partners. To which Kay dryly notes, “People might say, ‘Well, Scott, palladium could hurt your platinum business.’ But at the end of the day, I believe in this material.”

scott kay

Kay is keen to get people interested in the benefits of buying a palladium ring. “Palladium is natural, it’s hard, it’s white, and it’s hypoallergenic. It’s not as dense as platinum or gold and that’s a good thing. If platinum was 40 percent less dense, it would be more precious to the jewelry industry, because as it is, you can’t make earrings and bracelets out of it.”

Kay works hard to get buyers to become collectors of his unique and custom-made items, which he considers works of art. His collections include everything from solitaire engagement rings to pave rings to men’s cobalt bridal bands. “I like going into stores because I like to share my vision with other people.” Kay notes. “One thing I’ve worked very hard at is helping people appreciate jewelry as an art form and not just a commodity.”

Scott Kay’s Cobalt Men’s Bridal Rings Are Hot Items

Things are changing in the wedding and engagement ring world.  Nowadays it’s not enough for only the woman to have an engagement ring.  Guys are getting theirs too.  Jewelry designer and industry leader Scott Kay came out with a line of the so-called “man-gagement” rings, or men’s engagement rings, just last year.

scott kay cobalt rings

Presenting a new cobalt alloy dubbed “SK Cobalt”, Scott Kay has released his forward-thinking men’s wedding band collection with a bright white look, a contemporary flair that makes these men’s engagement rings look cool, as well as timeless.

The jewelry designer himself noted how much he was inspired this bright white cobalt look for this collection.  He also was sure to note how another low-priced bridal band material, tungsten carbide, was weaker than reports have claimed.

Kay patented the material used to compose the bridal bands himself, in an unprecedented partnership between the jewelry designer, a metal and jewelry manufacturer, and a steel company, Carpenter Technology Corp., which manufacture hundreds of alloys for everything under the sun.

Kay also says he plans to create more fashion pieces utilizing the patented “new contemporary” metal. There are also sure to be many more movements in the men’s bridal ring industry, as this popular bridal item is proving to be more than just a trend.  Scott Kay made his name by creating ladies Scott Kay engagement rings

Scott Kay Baguette and Pave Diamond Setting .58ct tw

This stylish Scott Kay engagement ring features 2 baguette shaped bar-set diamonds and 3 round brilliant cut pave-set diamonds on either side of your choice of a center stone.  It also features the signature Scott Kay surprise bezel set diamonds below the basket on either side of the setting.

Scott Kay Baguette and Pave Diamond SettingAvailable in platinum, palladium, 19kt white gold or 19kt yellow gold and can accommodate a round brilliant or fancy shaped center stone from .60ct to 3.20ct.

Scott Kay Baguette and Pave Diamond Setting

Scott Kay 19k Gold .87ct Princess Cut Vintage Diamond Setting

This beautiful Scott Kay engagement ring is from the Scott Kay Vintage Collection and features two prong set Princess shaped diamonds set on either side of the center stone and smaller Princess shaped channel-set diamonds going half way around the band.   The band also features beautiful scroll work and the Scott Kay signature “surprise” diamonds.

Scott Kay 19k Gold Princess Cut Vintage Diamond Setting

Available only in 19kt yellow gold and can accommodate a Princess shaped center stone from 1.20ct to 3.60ct.

Scott Kay 19k Gold .40ct Vintage Style Signature Crown Setting

From the Scott Kay Vintage Collection, this beautiful 19kt yellow gold setting features scroll engraving around the band and two round brilliant cut side diamonds.  Scott Kay 19k .40ct Vintage Style Signature Crown Setting # SKM1129RD10FP

Scott Kay 19k Gold Vintage Style Signature Crown Setting

Image shown with a 1.00ct round brilliant cut center stone