Ex’s Compete: Ryan Reynolds With German Model

It seems the ex’s are competing, Ryan Reynolds was spotted with a young and beautiful model this week on the set of his new film. Although this is the first time these two get photographed together,  they are caught in quite a intimate moment. So what have we found out? Well we know for certain that it probably does not faze his very recent ex-wife Scarlett Johannson, she is too busy canoodling with Sean Penn this weekend.  

Reynolds, not one to need help getting the ladies, is enjoying his new…hmm, fling? Rebound? It seems these ex’s are trying to one up each-other… so who is winning? I guess it depends who you ask…and if you like Sean Penn. Penn seems to be the odd one out of the group, not only has he been venting strongly in support of Charlie Sean, who we all know is having a great/terrible week, Penn had no problem unleashing his rage on his recent divorce to the media and is the oldest by quite a lot in this unique bunch.

Reynold’s new gal pal, Agnes Fischer, is not only a stunning model, she is also an actress in the new movie Safe House, which is how she met Reynolds. So these two are obviously gonna be together at least on the set for a while. Can something truly come from this?

Well, with Reynolds and Johansson dating other people, and on the rebound, we can never really know what can happen. Hollywood is just a dramedy and we have to sit back and watch. What Fischer can take comfort in is Reynolds amazing taste in diamonds, wherever this fling/relationship leads to, we are sure if it was to get serious, Reynolds can clearly keep a woman draped in beautiful diamonds.

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Scarlett Johansson & Sean Penn Real Or Fling?

Well it looks like Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn are taking their romance to the next level…whatever that means? The two very recently divorced stars have been canoodling and have not been very private about the whole whirlwind affair. These two were recently spotted having lunch and Johansson very casually had her leg over the much older Penn.

Then just yesterday the two were spotted once again taking a vacation in Mexico where they ate lobster and had margarita’s. Talk about living large. Although these two may just be rebounds for each other, I still find it shocking that Johansson would date Penn…Penn has recently been very vocal and maybe even downright hostel.

He has been very open with his disdain for his ex-wife about how the whole marriage ended. We know of course that Johannson at 26 is very recently divorced from Ryan Reynolds. With all that has happened individually in their lives it would seem natural that these two would gravitate towards each other. We will have to wait this one out. Whether they build a life together or this is just a fling is up in the air. Whatever it is, it seems they are happy.

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Sean Penn: Single Activist

Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn is finding more time and energy to devote to activist causes now that he’s single.  Penn had been together with actress Robin Wright since 1989, just after a stormy divorce with superstar Madonna.   The pair got married in 1996 after already having two children.   After initially receiving a gorgeous engagement ring, the two exchanged wedding rings in a private ceremony in Los Angeles.  “I just felt like I needed to dive in.” Wright had said about the couple’s roller-coaster relationship.

sean penn

The pair briefly reunited to pray for their sixteen year-old son’s recovery after a near-fatal skateboarding incident.  After that experience, Penn did some soul-searching and consulted composer-producer T Bone Burnett, the man responsible for Bob Dylan’s born-again revival in the seventies.

“I wanted to give back something to more to help struggling people, but I didn’t know how to best do it.   I was for twenty years in a relationship with Robin and eighteen years with children.  I didn’t have time to commit to anything–for real–in places like Iraq, except to denounce the war.  But now I’m single, I can lend a hand.”    Penn has focused nearly all his efforts these days towards helping the victims of the devastating 7.0 earthquake in Haiti.  Penn affirms that his commitment to the Caribbean is a longterm one, saying that “there is no exit for me until there is more life than death.”