Tacori Engagement Ring 2523

A cushion-shaped double halo creates a vintage, glittering look, amping up the volume on a round center stone. With botanical tendril details under the carriage of the center stone, diamond crescent silhouettes decorate the sides for an engagement ring that is beautiful from every angle. This gorgeous setting, Tacori 2523 comes in a smaller and larger size for center diamonds less than .80ct and greater than 1.80ct.

Tacori 2616 Engagement Ring

This classic pave Tacori engagement ring 2616 setting s crafted by hand and will perfectly show off your choice of a center diamond. This gorgeous setting comes in a larger size for center diamonds greater than 1.40ct.  A stunning ring for sure.

Tacori Engagement Ring 2565

This Tacori 2565 is a diamond engagement ring with a twist from the Contemporary Crescent Silhouette Collection. This stylish engagement ring is pictured with a round brilliant cut center diamond and pave-set diamonds along the criss-cross band. A stunning ring for sure, and now you can view it in HD!

Tacori Flirts With Isaiah Mustafa

Isaiah Mustafa is a man who’s job it is to be manly, and Tacori knows it! Check out this witty little flirtation between the two on Twitter:



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Tacori Introducing the New iPad Catalog

Leading jeweler Tacori is bypassing the traditional catalog this season and “going green” with its new iPad catalog.  Tacori is set to unleash the new catalog exclusively on the iPad.  With some of the hottest new options available to them, consumers will be able to have updated pricing and styles right at their fingertips.  Retail staff can also use the iPad application as a useful platform for interacting with customers.   The possibilities include show customers different ways to style jewelry, as well as options not available in the store.  Customers will also have the luxury of building wish lists to come back to for future reference.


The Tacori bridal business has seen an upwards swing in business by 76 percent since this same point last year.  With that in mind, Tacori hopes the new progressive application will give retailers more of an edge.   And even though the new application is primarily beneficial for Tacori retailers, Tacori reps say that many apps are in place for Fall of 2010 to help make the consumer experience more rewarding.

Stunning Tacori Summer Necklaces

The Tacori brand stands for a blend of the contemporary and classic in jewelry, as well as featuring many ravishing colors and breathtaking gems.  For those of you looking for pieces that will accessorize a contemporary, bold, cosmopolitan look  for the summer, then look no further than these options from Tacori to give you a captivating Sex and the City look or a relaxed and refreshed beach look.

Tacori "Birth of Your Child" pendant Tacori Birth of a Child Pendant. This is a stunning and personal option for those moms and moms-to-be out there who want a jewelry piece to commemorate their motherhood. A single diamond is placed in the crescents of the pendant to commemorate the month in which the child was born. With each of these interior crescents representing a month of the year, this excellent jewelry piece can work as a fantastic commemoration of your most precious gift.
Champagne Sunset necklace Tacori Golden Sunshine Medallion. With diamonds arching along crescent moons in elegant patterns, this piece is truly a stunner for those summer night formal occasions, as well as summer weddings. Featuring a warm 18k gold, this piece will catch all that summer sun and charm everyone with its hues of dusk and dawn.
Chain Accent Necklace Tacori Chain Accent Necklaces. More edgy than other summer necklaces, chain accents can be perfect for beach parties or hot summer evening events. This piece is also especially versatile as you can wear it long, doubled or lariat-style. Attach a pendant or more to it and impress others with your unique vision. This stunning piece comes in 18k gold, .925 silver and a golden 18k Tacori seal toggle.

Getting Married? Check Out Tacori…

The Tacori brand has been world-renowned for its classic engagement rings and sophisticated and intricate designs. Since 1910 is proud to be a Tacori Platinum-Certified Retailer–a selective group of only the most distinguished representatives of the Tacori brand. If you’re ready to get engaged, you’ll definitely want to look at the Tacori line of engagement rings. Not only will you find classic and timeless styles, but you’ll also see excellent craftsmanship and a contemporary flair that is unmatched by other brands.

Tacori Setting w/ Pave Set Diamonds .50ct Tacori Setting w/Pave Set Diamonds .50ct. This classic engagement ring will definitely knock her socks off. Classic and timeless, with special intricate design work on the band and pave settings. This is a stunning selection that featuring diamond enhancers, round side stones and paved diamond shoulders. Designed to impress, choose a large center stone in her favorite cut.
Tacori Solitaire Setting w/ Milgrain Edge Tacori Solitaire Setting w/ Milgrain Edge. Featuring the signature Tacori crescent design, this piece is both simple and elegant, affordable and sleek. A stunning Milgrain detail gives this piece a timeless and custom-crafted feel.
Tacori Channel-Set and Pave Diamond Setting Tacori Channel-Set & Pave Diamond Setting. This beautiful Tacori setting features both channel-settings and pave-settings going around the band. With diamonds going halfway around the band, this stunner features classic intricate Tacori designs. Be sure to get a nice big diamond for the centerpiece, something that will symbolize how much you care!

Hot Summer Tacori Rings

World-renowned jeweler Tacori is blogging these days of all the hot options they have to offer, old and new. This classic jeweler has been around the block for decades, producing classical jewelry with a contemporary flair. Always elegant, always versatile. Contact Since 1910 if you are looking for any of these impressive rings.

Tacori Initial Ring First off is the initial ring. Featuring an old-world script style with your initial set in a spectacle of white diamonds. A super high polished 18k gold ring provides this piece with a classically elegant look. This is a monogrammed showstopper–the perfect gift for graduations, eighteenth birthdays or anniversaries.
Twilight Ring Twilight fans, take a deep breath, this is not a ring that is actually based on Bella’s ring in the Twilight book. Tacori jewelers investigated their own archives after seeing the “Edwardian” style ring used in the upcoming film. In the book, the ring is described as follows: “Nestled into the black satin, Elizabeth Masin’s ring sparkled in the dim light. The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold–delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds.” Tacori jewelers admit that they think this ring design found in their archives looks more like the ring described in the book than the one they viewed in the Eclipse trailer. Though it features a non-traditional oval face, Twilight lovers may swoon if they are proposed to with one of these elegant creations!
Rose Amethyst Ring This ring is the perfect choice to wear at garden and pool parties all summer long. It totally excels as a flashy item to celebrate the Spring and Summer seasons. Pair it with your favorite white, lavender or soft-colored summer dress, and bask in the playful sense of romance it brings you. Featuring a rose amethyst jewel, the 18k rose gold gives the rosette ring some real flair. The perfect gift for a Spring and Summer romance.

Couples at the Met Gala

Several celebs came to one of the fashion industry’s biggest events this week, the Met Institute Costume Gala, not only accessorized to the nines, but also bringing along a hot celebrity date.

Giselle Bundchen and jude Law

Jessica Biel of course showed up with longtime beau Justin Timberlake channeling Old School Hollywood with an ivory silk charmeuse Ralph Lauren gown and diamond earrings. On-again, off-again couple, Sienna Miller and Jude Law arrived happily together, with the formerly balding Law looking like he had a bit more hair at the event. 28 year-old Miller wore a blue Emilio Pucci dress. Seeing the couple together at the event was confirmation of their relationship and also ended a prolonged hiatus, which began when Law was caught having an affair with their nanny in 2005.

The always-vintage Gwen Stefani appeared alongside husband Gavin Rossdale on the red carpet in a thirties-inspired gold gown from her own L.A.M.B. collection. Gisele Bundchen was also there, with a Tom Ford-suited Tom Brady at her side. Supermodel Bundchen sported an Alexander Wang textured mini.

Have any big events coming in your life where you and your beau have to get dressed to the nines? Interested in rocking similar styles or accessorizing in the most glamorous way? Check out the Tacori line of accessories from their Tacori 18k925 colllection and more.

5 Jewelry Items for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the second largest U.S. consumer spending holiday after the winter holidays, according to the National Retail Federation.  What are you going to get for Mom this Mother’s Day?  Having the benefit of being strategically situated in Spring, Mother’s Day is a fantastic holiday for bright pastel-colored gemstone jewelry.  Its also never a bad idea to find some regal and elegant diamond jewelry  for Mom, particularly if it’s been a special year for her. Check out these options from Tacori and Roberto Coin for Mother’s Day.

Tacori 18k925 Prasiolite Ring Tacori 18k925 Prasiolite Ring. Nothing like this exclusive ring from Tacori’s 18k925 collection to brighten Mom’s day. She can wear it on those sunny Spring days in the garden, at the park, office or wherever she wants to go–it’s an incredibly versatile piece. This ring features a center stone of pale seafoam-mint Prasiolite. 18k golden diamond petals gild the lily atop a .925 silver sculpted crescent frame.
Tacori 18k925 Rose Amethyst Over Pink Mother-of-Pearl & Diamond Earrings Tacori 18k925 Rose Amethyst Over Pink Mother-of-Pearl & Diamond Earrings. Pink is a fantastic color for a jewelry item on Mother’s Day and these luscious strawberries and cream drop earrings will definitely brighten Mom’s smile. These earrings are elegantly framed in 18k rose gold diamond crescents and give off a soft multidimensional pink glow.
Roberto Coin Appassionata Bracelet with Diamond Center Roberto Coin Appassionata Bracelet with Diamond Center. If you’ve got some money in your pockets, and Mom likes stately elegance, then you can’t go wrong with this diamond bracelet from Roberto Coin. This bracelet features a Roberto Copin favorite–woven 18k gold–with shimmering diamonds running down the center that will catch everyone’s attention and make Mom feel like a star.
18k Yellow Gold Iconic Medallion by Tacori 18k Yellow Gold Iconic Medallion Pendant by Tacori. Does Mom like to wear pendants and medallions along with flowing scarves and billowing gowns? Then this might be just the right piece for her. Coming from the Tacori Champagne Sunset Collection, this elegant medallion features diamonds shimmering on golden designs, with hues of dusk and dawn.
Roberto Coin Basketweave Collection Flexible Bracelet Roberto Coin Basket Weave Collection Flexible Bracelet. Simple and earthy, with a subtle elegance, this piece from Roberto Coin’s Basketweave Collection, features yellow gold with a soft and flexible fit. This bracelet is extremely versatile and can be worn anywear–great for Moms on the go!