Melissa Rycroft’s Simon G Wedding Bands

Melissa Rycroft famous for appearing on the Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars wed her long time boyfriend in Mexico trading his and hers wedding rings designed by Simon G.  Melissa received two bands from her new husband Tye.  Both wedding rings are 18kt white gold with round brilliant cut diamonds.   The first was designed to fit perfectly around her engagement ring while the other is a three dimensional band to wear on her right hand.  Tye’s ring is a brushed 18kt white gold traditional and classic band.

Melissa Rycroft's Simon G Wedding BandsMelissa Rycroft's Simon G Wedding BandsMelissa Rycroft's Simon G Wedding Bands

What is a Channel Setting?

A channel setting is a row of diamonds “suspended” between two continuous pieces of metal on the top and bottom with no metal between each stone. Channel settings are very popular for wedding bands and engagement rings. It provides a smooth surface across the ring and protects the girdle of the diamonds which makes it a great setting choice for someone that is very active or uses their hands a great deal. The diamonds used for a wedding band are usually all the same size, but may differ in size for engagement rings graduating from larger to smaller down the shank.

Channel Set Engagement Ring

Channel Set Engagement Ring

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Why don’t men wear engagement rings?

Some do and it’s actually more popular than you may think.

Over the years, we’ve met more and more men that wear engagement rings (what some are calling a “man-gagement” ring). Unlike women’s engagement rings that are mostly all diamonds, men’s engagement rings are usually more understated. Most men prefer rings that are simple, such as a plain band or band with some type of scrollwork or etching because of work or sports. There are some men however, that prefer a bolder ring such as a larger two-tone band or one with bezel or channel diamonds and/or gemstones.

Learn more about this trend and see our own Brad Gross on ABC’s Nightline article, If You Like Him, It’s Now OK to Put a Ring on Him.

How do you wear wedding and engagement rings?

It is believed that the Romans were the first to wear engagement rings or as they called them truth rings on the third finger of the left hand.

The tradition today of wearing not only the engagement ring, but wedding band as well on the third finger on the left hand stems from the Egyptian belief that the vein in that finger leads straight to the heart. Given this theory, when wearing both rings the wedding band is put on first followed by the engagement ring, so the wedding band is closer to the heart.

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