Celebrities are not exactly modest, if at all. Maybe some do not need a huge diamond ring as validation when it comes to  love, but most like their bling.  Especially since they have the means to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on something that may not really be worn all that often, these marriages don’t last!  It’s Hollywood… how long are we talking? 72 days? Zing!

Yet, that does not mean that we can’t drool over the stunning stones, some beautiful, one just plain awful. Below are 9 we love, in no particular order, and one that reminded us, You can have all the money in the world…but you can’t buy class.

1. Kim Kardashian

Let’s just get the obvious out of the way, a staggering diamond, emerald cut, 20.5 carats. It cost poor delusional Kris Humphries $2 million and the marriage lasted a total of 72 days. I get it…its ridiculous, but at the end of the day the ring itself was quite pretty. Yes… its huge, but its no Taylor & Burton ring.

She’s no J.Lo but she does go through her share of men. Guess she has something worth 9 carats and a hefty $200,000.

Something different! A 16 carat sapphire makes this ring a total standout, along with the extra 3 carat diamond accents and platinum band.

4. Britney Spears

I like Britney and I am happy that she has begun to get her life back in order. Jason Trawick seems to have her best interest at heart, especially with this ring. Spears, can sometimes ride on the tacky bus, but this ring cancels that out!  The ring was designed by Spears’ husband to be and Neil Lane, costs around $90,000 and weighs in 3.5 carats.

5. Kate Moss

Not much official info on this ring, but its beautiful vintage style has not left our minds since we first spotted  it back in February.

6. Kristin Cavallari

A beautiful Channel cut diamond ring, tipping the scales at 5.2 carats the stunner added some pizazz to her laid back California style. Even if the engagement itself was a disaster.

7. Nikki Reed

She found her real life Edward in Paul McDanald and after three months, he proposed with a gorgeous and dainty eternity style ring. I love how no fuss the design is, price tag: $30,000.

8. Anne Hathaway

This classy gal got quite the sparkler recently. Fiance Adam Shulman even helped design the ring being that he is a jewelry designer himself. This elegant diamond ring is 6 carats and cost $150,000.

9. Kat Von D

Jesse James may have had good taste once (cough, Sandra Bullock, cough) but now that we know that he is a cheater we feel bad for every single woman on the planet who does not have TV, Internet, or access to magazines. Guess Kat Von D may have not paid her bills for a while because she knowingly got into a relationship with him. All in all, a mistake. The good? A stunning engagement ring. The vintage and unique style is 4 carats and cost James $50,000. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the dainty band saves it, although very different, it just works.

10. Kim Zolciak – Most Memorable For Being Bad

I don’t even know where to begin, but tasteless and gaudy seems to cover it.



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