Talk about the perfect proposal. Seriously. Mikaela and Shane’s first date was at a Starbucks, that was over 10 months ago and last month Shane decided to relive their date…in the middle of the woods on a perfect summer day. When he told her Mikaela to close her eyes, she did…and when she opened them…she found this:

Shane had painstakingly redone their first date in Starbucks, down to the chairs, what they had to drink and eat, and even added some tidbits of his own that really made this proposal one of the best I literally have ever seen. Check out some of the pics below:

The chalkboard with a heartfelt message…

The proposal

See how he said Wi-fy over Wi-Fi? I can’t take it…It’s so cute!

A picture of them instead of the Starbucks musical pick of the week…

The gorgeous ring…

And of course family and friends come over to celebrate. Mikela is a wedding photographer, and a great one at that, I mean check out these having seen so much, she will surely have the perfect wedding day. I can’t believe all he did! She shares her thoughts on the day:

“The moment I was allowed to open my eyes is a moment that will be burned into my memory forever. It was the most peculiar feeling to see something so unexpected, so creatively carried out, something that took weeks and hours to plan, for me. For this moment. For us. Surreal.

Starbucks in the woods. Our Starbucks, our first date in those two comfy chairs, with our same two drinks – a passion tea lemonade and a green tea lemonade, and that fruit bar Shane had as well. A homemade candle in a Starbucks sample cup flickered, the prettiest bouquet of pink peonies, and music playing in the background.

We sat, me in stunned silence and broken sentences. Knowing what would most likely come next, but not daring to think it, at the same time. Derrick ran by in the corner of my eye, leaving behind a video camera, while I caught someone taking photos in the bushes! Another video camera on a table! Crap, why didn’t I wear my contacts tonight, why the glasses? And off they came 🙂 Then Shane pulled out a ring box and said those words and it happened.

‘Ever since our first date I knew you were the one… I fall more and more in love with you each day… Mikaela Ruth, will you marry me?’

He says there was a pause before I said yes! Of course! And then I dropped to the ground to be close to him and to hug him and he slipped the ring on to my finger.”

What a beautiful proposal, wish these two the best.

Green Wedding / Mikaela Ruth Photography


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