Three Stone Engagement Ring

Once known as an anniversary ring, three stone engagement rings have gained popularity over the past several years.  A three stone engagement ring represents a couple’s relationship – the past, the present, and the future.

The three stone engagement ring contains just that; 3 stones.  The traditional three stone design is a plain metal band with prong set white diamonds.  The diamonds are all the same shape and color with the center stone being slightly larger and set higher than the two side stones.

Today, three stone settings are available in a variety of designs.  While the traditional three stone is still extremely popular many couples are choosing settings with side stones of a different color or shape.  Prongs can be replaced with bezels and plain bands replaced with scroll work or small accent diamonds.

Creating a Three Stone Anniversary Ring Using Your Own Engagement Diamond

If you’re creating a three stone for an anniversary ring you have some options.

1. Use your engagement diamond as a side stone representing the past and choose a new center stone and second side stone as the present and the future.  The new center diamond should be slightly larger than the side stones.  When choosing new diamonds you’ll need to stay within the same color range if purchasing white diamonds.

2. Use your engagement diamond as the center stone and purchase two new side stones.




Types Of Wedding Bands to Wear With a Three Stone

You have some options here as well.  If you want to wear your three stone on the same hand as your wedding band or your right hand a five or seven stone wedding band or a diamond eternity ring will match perfectly.

diamond eternity ringdiamond eternity ring


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