Top Ten Tacori 18k925 Jewelry

Tacori brings their signature crescent silhouette design into fine jewelry, fashioning elegant bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. The brand new 18K925 sterling and 18k gold jewelry line by Tacori is at the top of every girl’s list this holiday season! We hope you enjoy!

Tacori 18k925 Rose Amethyst & Diamond Ring

1. Tacori 18k925 Rose Amethyst & Diamond Ring – $1250

Structural crescent designs in glossy .925 silver form the contours of this vibrant, blushing Rose Amethyst ring. Blushing 18k rose gold and glittering diamonds frame the cushion-cut shape for a fantasy fusion of subtle sophistication and modern design.

Tacori 18K925 Prasiolite & Amethyst Earrings

2. Tacori 18k925 Prasiolite & Amethyst Earrings – $1060

Dazzling elongated pear-shaped rose amethyst and round prasiolite unite in fabulous 18k rose gold bold drop earrings for a look of playfully illuminating color and fashion-forward design.

Tacori 18K925 Smokey Quartz & Diamond Pendant

3. Tacori 18k925 Smokey Quartz & Diamond Pendant – $1690

A pendant of deep faceted Smokey Quartz is accentuated by a diamond crescent 18k rose gold frame. With a luxurious cushion-like shape and eye-catching details, this pendant suspends on a rose gold bezel from a .925 silver link chain.

Tacori 18K925 Multi-Color Sterling Bracelet

4. Tacori 18k925 Multi-Color Sterling Bracelet – $860

Faceted candy-drop gems in saffron Lemon Quartz, honeyed Cognac Quartz, seafoam Prasiolite, Smokey Quartz and deep Rose Amethyst flutter in pronged blossom kaleidoscope circlets, fastened into strands of luxe swoops of .925 silver with an 18k gold Tacori seal toggle.

Tacori 18K925 Rose Amethyst Drop Earrings

5. Tacori 18k925 Rose Amethyst Drop Earrings – $600

Cotton-candy mingles with violet shades, romance with sophistication, on faceted oval-shaped Rose Amethysts. Surrounded by 18k rose gold fantasy-crescent frames, dazzling details create a delightfully feminine droplet style.

Tacori 18K925 Lemon Quartz & Neolite Diamond Earrings

6. Tacori 18k925 Lemon Quartz & Neolite Diamond Earrings – $1210

Translucent faceted Lemon Quartz over bright Neolite Turquoise gives these plush studs an awe-inspiring, Pop-art glow. Diamonds accent crescents in a rich, 18k gold frame, evoking a dramatic, multidimensional, cushion-like look.

Tacori 18k925 Rutilated Quartz Ring

7. Tacori 18k925 Rutilated Quartz Ring – $1010

With a plush cushion-cut shape, Rutilated Quartz is given depth and dimension over velvety Black Onyx. Rich 18k yellow gold displays the primarily provocative charred color, and crescent-woven sterling silver design elements demand attention from every angle.

Tacori 18k925 Oval Link Drop Earrings

8. Tacori 18k925 Oval Link Drop Earrings – $730

Cascades of chains decorate these drop earrings, with crescent designs on elegant oval graduating links of sterling .925 silver and rich 18k gold meet in a delightful cascade with contemporary design elements.

Tacori 18K925 Neolite Turquoise Ring

9. Tacori 18k925 Neolite Turquoise Ring – $870

Transparent Quartz over Neolite Turquoise makes this strong statement of style an absolute marvel in “Barbados” blue. Layered gemstones create a dazzling, multidimensional look, framed in rich 18k yellow gold with sculptural crescent-woven side details.

Tacori 18k925 Olive Quartz Ring

10. Tacori 18k925 Olive Quartz Ring – $770

A sexy solution for your contemporary-fashion craving: this unique ellipse-shape Olive quartz has a rich brushed, 18k yellow gold frame with modern crescent engraving. Texture and intricate design details make this cocktail ring an evocative, savory star.

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