Twilight is a complete phenomenon, you have adult women getting tattoos dedicated to the story and the characters, its a tad unnerving to see how fanatical people can be, but it still does show the spirit of belief in true love. Twilight is a story of risk, love and more over how far someone can go for who they believe is their soul mate.

Recently we saw what the engagement ring looks like that Bella will be proposed with and although its not traditional looking as it had been expected, its still quite pretty. It is a large oval shape ring with intricate diamond detail. Well we got the ring down, but what about the dress? Well… got a copy of a sketch from Stephenie Meyer’s new book, The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, which shows us what the wedding dress for Bella will look like, they have two exclusive pics, lets take a gander:

Pretty stunning stuff? The dress is quite beautiful and if they actually stay true to it, it will be even more beautiful when we see it on screen. I my opinion they will, because well, that is the point of the whole book right? Let’s hope so! 

Photo: Invisionfree / EW


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