Is Tyler Perry Engaged?

It all about what you believe when it comes to Tyler Perry. Perry has been one of the most successful men in Hollywood in recent years. The producer, director, writer and actor has been releasing movies left, right and center, taking over the market and making us laugh or making us cringe, depending on who you ask. The only thing we know is that whether you like him or not, he is laughing all the way to bank.

But there is one thing that seems to have held Perry hostage…the constant debate to his sexuality. In a perfect world, this would not matter, but because we are far from that, the question arises time after time. I don’t exactly know where these claims come from but they are definitely not going away.

Then news hit: MTO is reporting that Perry and his girlfriend Gelila Bekele are actually ready to walk down the aisle, of course because of this…speculation has begun that the only reason this happening is because Perry is trying to “ remove all doubt among [his tv and movie] viewers, that he is a heterosexual man.”

If this is really true, then it saddens me, because of his fame and following he truly has an opportunity to change peoples views on something sensitive like this. Let’s hope Perry stays true to himself whatever he does.

Photo / Concrete Loop

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