Vanessa Minnillo has been settling perfectly to married life. The newlywed looked relaxed after a quickie honeymoon. The couple has said that because they have to get back to work they had a short honeymoon but will be making sure they make time for a longer one soon. Seeing Minnillo walk around you could only notice one thing, well two, for one she has a glow that only a recent vacation can have and two she is blinding us with her eternity wedding band! Gosh! What a beauty!

The eternity band perfectly matches her Asscher cut diamond engagement ring. The wedding rings, along with Vanessa’s engagement ring were custom made by New York jeweler David Bader who says that the couple were a pleasure to work with.

Nick Lachey shares that he wanted his wedding band to have diamonds but still be very masculine which from what we see is exactly what he got! The band includes 24 diamonds. Both wedding rings have messages inscribed in them.

These two are adorable, they seem very down to earth and not for nothing but Lachey is a catch in a half, the man has more class than half of Hollywood. Always well mannered and polite you can’t help but think how cool he would be to hang out with.

People / Daily Mail


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