Wedding Uggs…Yay Or Nay?

Ugg boots are supposed to be one of the most comfortable shoes on the planet. I can see that…they are! And when its your wedding day you want to be comfortable and calm. Most weddings are very stressful, especially big ones. So although the idea of Uggs for a wedding may not be ideal…I do think it makes sense if you are going to be running around, and or traveling.¬†At least you will be comfortable and your feet will still be celebrating.

Many women wear jump suits on the day of the wedding for the time they are setting up and getting pampered. I don’t see why having a pair of boots that are especially colored for such an occaison is such a bad thing.

Now…I don’t know about walking down the aisle in them…but I doubt thats really what they are meant for.



Photos / Ugg

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