Unfortunately, not all engagements get to the point of walking down the aisle. Case in point: 42 year-old Roger Adler recently proposed to Rena Hope Friedman, 41, and she warmly accepted. Friedman was even more delighted when Adler slipped a $58,000 diamond and platinum engagement ring on her finger. Some engagement rings are just as good and much cheaper, but Adler wanted to get the seductive Friedman the very best! But when the engagement ended only 12 days later, Friedman refused to return the engagement ring.

Expensive Engagement Ring

It doesn’t seem to be the first time this has happened. Friedman is suing Adler in court, claiming she “was previously engaged to another male…the engagement ended under similar circumstances…[and she] failed to return the engagement ring in the previous matter.”, according to court documents.

The pair met at a Hampton’s Labor Day Party, where they were introduced by their mothers. It didn’t take long for them to reach the proposal stage: six weeks later Adler was already on one knee. “She kept rushing me and rushing me.” Adler says of the experience.

Claiming that the lies kept piling up, Adler notes how Friedman began making expensive demands, including buying a new BMW and booking first-class tickets to Australia for their honeymoon.

Adler became disgruntled and called off the engagement after Friedman insisted that his parents not attend the wedding. “They’ve seen two already. They’ve had their share.”

Now Adler is accusing Friedman of fraud—alleging that she planned to keep the ring all along, even after she dumped him.


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