Wonder Woman has a devout following…everyone is a fan of the heroine, so it really is no surprise that we had not heard of something like this earlier…host Blair Herter and Jessica Chobot from G4, a gaming TV channel, are engaged. But…Herter knew that his beloved was a huge Wonder Woman fan so he decided to make the ring and the proposal that much more special. 

Herter asked Jim Lee an artist, to  create a drawing just for her asking for Chobot’s hand in marriage. Check it out:


Chobot said yes, of course, and  then was further surprised when Herter presented her with a one of a kind engagement ring. The ring was designed by Herter and the detailing is all Wonder Woman, with a lasso and star surrounding a beautiful ruby.


I have to say, I kinda love it, for more reasons than one…its unique which is always a good thing, it has a stunning stone, and its something that you can tell she was very excited about. Herter surely went through a lot to make sure the ring was perfect and the fact that he helped design it is just  awesome. You can tell that it a Wonder Woman inspired engagement ring without it being overwhelming, its perfectly tasteful. Congrats to these two! They are adorable!

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