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Bling in America

At, we often are asked “What carat weight is average?”, or “What diamond shape is most popular?”. Questions such as these are not easy to answer as the answers vary drastically in different parts of the country.

Being the global leader of designer engagement rings, we decided to analyze our past 500 diamond sales, and provide our potential customers with a detailed breakdown of shape, ct weight, and amount spent by region. After analyzing our results, we noticed that there were some similarities that were maintained across the board and others that were quite different from region to region.

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Bling in America - Diamond Sales by Region

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Not surprisingly, it was the round brilliant cut and princess cut diamond that were the two most popular shapes in each US region. It was the third and fourth most popular shapes that varied quite differently from the various regions. The cushion cut for example accounted for 17% of all purchases in the South, while the North East's cushion cut sales were just 4% and were 0% for the South West! The emerald cut was also a popular choice, in 3rd or 4th place across most regions, except for the South West where there were no emerald cut sales, the same result it had for the cushion cut! The South West was by far the most traditional region, with 92% of their sales being either round or princess cut!

In regards to carat weight, we found that the most popular size in all regions came in the 1.00ct – 1.19ct range, except for the South West, where we found the largest concentration of sales were in the .75ct-.99ct range. The largest diamonds were sold in the North East region where 18% of the sales accounted for diamonds larger than 2 carats. This contrasts greatly to the Mid-West and South West, where less than 1% of the total sales were diamonds weighing over 2 carats.

It goes without saying that the average dollar amount spent on a ring was highest in the North East since they sold the largert diamonds. The North East had 17% of their sales at $15,000 or higher opposed to the Mid West and South West where less than 1% of total sales were over that amount.

Below are charts for each of the regions showing the breakdown of our sales by carat weight, amount spent and diamond shape. We hope this will give you some insight as to what "sells best" according to where you live! Of course every situation is different and each individual unique. There is no right or wrong when choosing a diamond as long as both the giver and the recipient are happy and comfortable with their choice.