Criss Angel is all love or hate, you have to be into what he’s into to appreciate him fully…regardless of that, we do know he has amazing taste in diamonds! The illusionist proposed to his girlfriend Sandra Gonzalez in Cabo San Lucas Mexico with a stunning $300,000 dollar engagement ring.

He proposed right on the beach at night…

Very romantic! Of course she said yes and then he slipped on the gorgeous ring! A platinum setting with a 5 carat princess-cut diamond!

When Sandra accepted the ring, her family, which he had secretly flown in, came out to greet her, along with a huge firework show! Criss Angel on the engagement:

“This is a very special time for us both. We feel so blessed to have each other and are truly very happy and excited. Sandra is the purest form of love and gives my life a whole new meaning.”

Very cute! Here’s another picture of the ring:

So pretty! I must say, I would have never though Criss Angel to be so romantic! But the man really put in a lot of effort and made it memorable for her and her family. Very sweet of him. She is beautiful, I am sure she will make a gorgeous bride.

Photos / LasVegasSun


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