Elin Nordegren, who just recently gave an interview to People magazine, the only one she claims she will ever do, is doing her best to move on. The beautiful woman who billionaire golfer Tiger Woods so relentlessly embarrassed in the media with his extra-martial affairs has instructed auctioneers Sotheby’s to sell her engagement ring and other jewelry Woods bought her during their marriage.

Express.co.uk. quotes a friend of the beauty:

“The jewellery reminds her of the marriage and she is over that. Having the diamonds reminds her of the marriage and she is now moving on with her life. They were meant to have been bought by a loving husband but now Elin knows they were probably more out of guilt for all his cheating. They mean nothing to her.”

Probably true, Woods while married had flings with porn stars, bartenders, and even a waitress from a pancake house. The golfer was insatiable and it cost him his family, many sponsors and over $100 million dollars in the divorce settlement.

The antique engagement ring (seen in the picture)  up for sale is worth about $315,000 dollars, also up for sale is a diamond necklace with matching earrings, and other gems.  Nordegren has not been seen with her gold band wedding ring for months, but it is not included in the auction.

Hopefully auctioning off these treasures brings some closure to Nordegren, who although has gone through such a hardship, seems in good spirits.


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