Nicki Minaj is one of the most successful artist this year. She blasted on to the scene and has had so much success that her fans, which she calls “Barbies” can not get enough of her and are constantly tweeting, reblogging and buying her mixtapes.

The young lyricist has been the new “It” female singer in the Hip Hop community and actually crossed over in a big way with her recent single. Nicki has been linked to a man who is just as popular and together they have truly taken over music, Hip Hop star Drake. Drake is one of the best selling rappers this year.

So when fans of the two heard that they were dating…the blog world pretty much went crazy! His and her fans alike were excited at these two maybe being the next Jay-z and Beyonce. Talented and good looking, the pair have been shy about their relationship and sometimes even playful with the media, joking around saying they “should just get married.” Well has that day come?

Nicki has been spotted with one giant diamond ring. Huge to be exact. The ring is thick and from what we can tell in the picture…really really shiny! Diamonds galore are on this flashy design, does this mean that Drake will have an accompanying one? We will have to wait, but if the new Prince and Princess of Hip Hop have gotten hitched, we can guess this extremely big diamond ring will have some company.

[Pictures Courtesy: Peace FM Online]


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