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Diamond Eternity Bands

What is a Diamond Eternity Band?

A diamond eternity band features diamonds of the same shape and size in a continuous circle around the band offering an unsurpassed amount of brilliance, fire, and sparkle.
Eternity bands are simplistic and elegant. They can be worn alone or are a great compliment to an engagement ring.

Why is our custom eternity band builder unique?

At Since1910.com we take pride in the fact that we are the only online website able to offer you the opportunity to create your own custom eternity band. When purchasing an eternity band from our site, you only pay for the exact number of stones used based on your finger size. After choosing your finger size, the custom eternity band builder adjusts the price based on the exact size you entered. Why pay the cost for 10 diamonds if it only takes 8 to build your ring! When purchasing a pre-made eternity band, often times it will need to be sized down however, you will still be paying the original price regardless.

Since1910 Eternity Ring Builder

We realize it isn’t always easy to decide which eternity band diamond size and style one may like best. This is why we offer our customers the option to have one or more sample eternity rings sent to you, along with a pre-paid return label, so that you can decide which combination will work best for you.

These sample eternity bands are made in white gold with cz’s, rather than diamonds, allowing us to authorize your credit card for just $750. Once the ring is returned to us we simply reverse the temporary charge with no charge to the customer.

What Diamond Shapes are recommended?

There are several shapes we recommend over others. Our choices are your traditional Round Brilliant, elegant Emerald and Asscher, and the very popular Princess and Radiant. Using these shapes as opposed to others such as the Marquise or Oval allows us to set the diamonds very closely together using the least amount of diamonds possible making for a flawless beautiful appearance. Each diamond shape affects the look of band differently offering its own unique characteristics.

Round Brilliant Cut Eternity Ring - 0.20ct

The Round Brilliant

The Round Brilliant is the most researched and sought after diamond shape today. With its 56 to 58 facets the Round Brilliant is known for its brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

Princess Cut Eternity Ring - 0.20ct

The Princess

The Princess is the most popular fancy shape diamond on the market today. Known for its brilliance and unique pointed corners the Princess is usually cut square but can also be cut more rectangular.

Radiant Cut Eternity Ring - 0.20ct

The Radiant

The Radiant is very popular and is known for its brilliance, fire, and scintillation. It is very similar in shape to the Princess but its cut corners make it very distinctive.

Emerald Cut Eternity Ring - 0.20ct

The Emerald

The Emerald is classic and elegant. It is rectangular in nature and known for its clean lines and large facets.

Asscher Cut Eternity Ring - 0.20ct

The Asscher

The Asscher is almost identical to the Emerald with its rectangular cut facets and clean lines, but is square in nature and like the Radiant has cut corners.

What diamond color and clarity ratings are recommended and why?

At Since1910.com we take pride in the high quality selection of diamonds we offer our customers. Since the diamonds in an eternity band are set so closely together matching cut, color, and clarity is necessary for a consistent look throughout the band.

Our Round Brilliant, Princess, and Radiant shapes are made using either near colorless G stones or colorless F stones with a clarity rating of SI or better.

Our Emerald and Asscher shape bands are made using a minimum of F color with a clarity rating of VS2. With their large facets, color and clarity are extremely important for this shape.

What type of setting is recommended and why?

All of our rings are made with using an open basket shared prong platinum setting. The open basket setting is designed to allow us to set the diamond tables (largest facet) at the same height using as little metal as possible. This setting allows light to enter all the stones evenly. The light not only flows through the stones but around them as well providing for a perfect display of brilliance and fire. Platinum is our only choice for any piece of fine jewelry. Its density, weight, and durability make it a perfect choice for a lifetime of everyday wear.

Why does pricing vary by diamond stone shape and size and ring size?

Pricing will vary by diamond shape and size. Pricing is determined by color, clarity, and size. Diamonds larger in size are rarer than smaller diamonds and as a result are more costly. This holds true for color and clarity as well. Pricing will also vary by ring size. A ring made in a size 4 as opposed to a size 8 will require less diamonds and our rings are priced by the number of stones used.