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Learn About Our Precious Metals

Precious metals, widely recognized as the centerpiece of jewelry, have been the hallmark of personal adornment throughout history. From the Egyptians to the Romans, the use of platinum, silver, and gold has been admired as d├ęcor. Modern jewelry consumers are no different. While gold continues to be the most commonly purchased form of high-class jewelry, platinum and silver are extremely popular as well. All three provide jewelry consumers with an attractive and durable base metal for glamorous jewelry.


30 times rarer then gold, platinum is preferred by many for their diamond jewelry. Its density, versatility, durability and purity make a combination that is hard to beat.


Gold used in jewelry is most often either 18 karat, .750 purity, or else 14 karat, which is .585 pure. The metals that are mixed with the gold give it its different colors.


Stronger than Platinum, Palladium is a less expensive choice to Gold and Platinum.


Silver is the most abundant of all the precious metals. It is used for silverware and jewelry as well as for industrial uses. It is approximately 1/50th the price of pure gold.