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Diamond Trends

Below we have shared what shape, ct weight and $ amount our customers are spending on their center diamond. We hope you find this to be useful information!

The Most Popular Shapes

Round (45%)

The Round Brilliant (aka brilliant cut) shape diamond is the most popular of diamonds shapes. It consists of 58 facets and displays the most brilliance, fire, and scintillation of all diamond cuts on the market today.

Princess (26%)

Princess shaped diamonds have sharp uncut pointed corners and with 58 facets are known for their brilliance and fire. There is no other rectangular or square shaped stone that comes close to the Princess in terms of brilliance.

Cushion (11%)

The Cushion is not as brilliant as many of the more modern cuts, but has a very classic romantic look and definitely stands out from other shapes.

Most Popular Diamond Sizes

How big is it?

Over 50% of our customers purchased a diamond between .75ct to 1.19ct, and less than 10% were over 2ct in weight. Carat weight really comes down to being a personal choice, and what is considered small to one person can be too large for the next.

22% 13% 22% 32% 13% 12% 5% 2%
.01-.49ct .50-.74ct .75-.99ct 1.00-1.19ct 1.20-1.49ct 1.50-1.99ct 2.00-2.49ct 2.50ct

Diamond Spend - The Breakdown

Most people spend...

Ask around and you'll hear a variety of answers; from two to three months salary, or more. The bottom line is you should set your own budget and spend only what makes you comfortable. The price of an engagement ring is derived from a variety of factors such as carat weight, color, clarity and cut.

5% 24% 33% 15% 13% 5% 4%
Up to
to $5,000
to $7,500
to $10,000
to $15,000
to $20,000

Diamond Shapes - The Breakdown

Is it round or fancy shaped?

Ask around and you'll hear a variety of answers; from two to three months of one's salary or more. The truth is that you should set your own budget. The price of an engagement ring is determined by a variety of factors from the cut and carat of the diamond to the design of the ring setting.

4% 11% 8% 3% 26% 2% 45% 1%
Asscher Cushion Emerald Oval Princess Radiant Round Pear, Marquise & Heart