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Henri Daussi

It all started over 40 years ago in Antwerp, Belgium, regarded as "The Diamond Capital of the World," where a young diamond cutter named Henri Daussi embarked on a mission to do something new and different...something special. It was with this sense of artistic passion that he created the fancy shapes and techniques that have established The Henri Daussi Diamond Company as one of the premier European fine jewelers.

Each of the handmade signature pieces is truly a unique work of art. It all begins with a piece of rough diamond that is hand selected by one of the expert cutters in their European facility.

Using modern techniques coupled with old world craftsmanship, this cushion cut diamond is cut differently than a standard cushion cut to achieve a unique look, so that each stone reflects its full potential and beauty. *

Next, each piece is individually handcrafted around the finished diamond. The last step is for each piece to be personally inspected by a member of the Daussi family to ensure superior quality, and ultimately, your satisfaction.

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* Currently Henri Daussi cushion cut diamonds are only available via email or phone inquiries and are not listed on our website.