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As an authorized Blue Diamond-certified Tacori Engagement Ring Dealer, we are proud of the Tacori process and their committment to quality, art and science.

Tacori Promise of Service

Due to the individual character of handcraftsmanship, you may notice slight variances in each Tacori design, ensuring that no pieces are identical. This is due to the custom nature of the ring. Each ring is custom made for its intended recipient and require exactly 4 weeks to be created.

A Tacori purchase is more than an investment in a beautiful piece of jewelry – it is also an investment in the care of the piece by the expert artisans at Tacori.

Complimentary services include: sizing, general refurbishing and engraving touch-up.*

*Not all rings and circumstances apply. Tacori reserves the sole discretion to determine the services they will provide, subject to change at any time.

Tacori Legacy

Mr. Tacorian left Europe with his family in 1969 and made a new life in California. Tacorian and his family began handcrafting beautiful new jewelry that had an antique quality and appeal. Their traditional values and skills were passed down to the next generation. You can be assured when purchasing one of their fine engagement rings that you are starting a family tradition of your own.

JCK Las Vegas - 2009

The JCK show in Las Vegas was a huge success for fourth generation Since1910 founder Michael Gross and fifth generation co-founder Brad Gross. The jewelry show offers a great opportunity to create and extend relationships with designers and dealers and reconnect with old friends. Paul Tacorian took some time to visit with Brad, pictured here.

Metal Options

All Tacori Engagement Rings are available in White and Yellow Gold as well as platinum.

The Tacorian family of fine jewelers aided in pioneering the optional use of such long lasting materials as tungsten carbide and palladium. When tungsten is tempered with carbon, a union is formed that is virtually indestructible. Palladium is a premium metal that is durable and scratch resistant. Tungsten carbide and Palladium are metal options that will hold up to last for a lifetime.

Quality of Stones in Tacori Settings

Tacori's use of only G grade diamonds are superior with VS clarity. If you already have the diamond you would like to design your own engagement ring with, Tacori would be delighted to create a beautiful setting that will perfectly fit your diamond.

What is an Authorized Tacori Engagement Ring Dealer?

Beware of non-authorized dealers! Insure your purchase by making sure you are dealing with an authorized Tacori Dealer. Tacori engagement rings are stamped on the inside of the band, “Tacori” which is a name you can trust for excellence. You have chosen a band of strength that represents the strong bond of your unending love.

Authorized Tacori jewelers understand that a wedding engagement is a very personal matter. You will be able to choose your own diamond prior to mounting making it uniquely a treasure that belongs only to the two of you.

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