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Scott Kay

When it comes to engagement and wedding jewelry, quality must never be compromised. This is the philosophy of Scott Kay, a master designer of fine jewelry. An engagement ring, in particular, symbolizes a man's love for a woman that he intends to marry, and so must be a timeless piece that can last a lifetime.


Scott Kay has been making jewelry for more than 30 years. He studied the craft at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. With his experience and expertise, he started his own company in 1984 to follow his passion for innovative jewelry design. His brand is currently among the world's most coveted for beauty, luxury and quality.

Precious Metal Options

Scott Kay is known for using only precious metals such as platinum and palladium for his engagement and wedding collections. Scott Kay also makes rings in lavish 19 karat yellow gold and white gold. His more innovative pieces include rings made with both platinum and yellow gold. The engagement rings are designed in a variety of finishes to suit every taste — including brilliantly polished metals, or more subtle satin finishes. Vintage-style rings feature more metal detailing that include intricate filigrees, scallops, milgrain edging, and split shank designs. Scott Kay ring designs typically have only four prongs. These minimal prong settings allow more light to shine through the diamond and enhance its sparkle. The precious stones are featured in a variety of settings, which include classic Tiffany settings, pave settings, inlaid channel settings, double prong, as well scatter-set and clustered. Scott Kay also has a signature crown setting, with angled stones set along the ring's band and a bezel set stone inlaid beneath the center. Couples can opt to have their chosen diamond mounted in their preferred style.


Scott Kay diamonds are of the highest quality and are expertly cut to bring out their full brilliance. Engagement ring diamonds are typically done in princess cut and classic round shapes.

Scott Kay engagement rings are truly stunning creations that combine the designer's unique touches and the classic appeal of an heirloom. Aside from the exquisite luxury of the metal and diamonds, each ring is made with personal attention given to design and quality. These are high-end pieces made for couples with the most discerning of tastes, and who are uncompromising when it comes to their relationship and the rings that symbolize it.

Mangagement Rings

To match the engagement rings for women, Scott Kay also has engagement rings for men, ranging from simple but elegant bands to more elaborate ones with diamond accents. Wedding bands that go with Scott Kay engagement rings are also available, having similar features except for the diamond center stone.

ABC news recently ran a story on "man-gagement" rings that focus on engagement rings for men. Read the feature on nightline.

Our own Brad Gross was quoted as saying he did not believe this was a marketing scheme, but more a way for a women to lay claim on her fiance. Women wear engagement rings for usually about a year before the wedding and now men can too.

Authorized Dealer

When purchasing designer jewelry like Scott Kay engagement or wedding rings, it is best to go to an authorized dealer to ensure you are getting the authentic product. As an authorized dealer, we stand behind our Scott Kay Engagement Rings and are here to service the ring should a problem arise.

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