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Martin Flyer

When a man stamps his name on a product, as in the case of Martin Flyer engagement rings, you are guaranteed a wedding band of excellence. With the Flyer trademark signature engraved on each piece of bridal jewelry, it gives your love wings to fly.


In 1977, the growing Martin Flyer enterprise moved midtown to 48th Street, the center of New York's famous diamond district. Now more than sixty years later, the company remains strong in their continued commitment of a quality product and impeccable service passed down from father to son.

What makes Martine Flyer Engagement Rings Unique

The hundreds of glamorous designs in their featured line are what set Martin Flyer engagement rings apart from the other fine jewelry manufacturers. You will understand why Martin Flyer jewelry is so highly valued with one look at their elegant designs in 18k white and yellow gold, platinum or palladium with beautiful side-stone diamonds. Delicately colored diamonds are also an option and can be used to create a one of a kind piece that matches your fiancée’s own style and beauty. In 2006, Martin Flyer donated 5 percent of all proceeds of its pink diamond jewelry to support breast cancer research.

JCK Las Vegas - 2009

The JCK show in Las Vegas was a huge success for fourth generation Since1910 founder Michael Gross and fifth generation co-founder Brad Gross. The jewelry show offers a great opportunity to create and extend relationships with designers and dealers and reconnect with old friends. Gary Flyer took some time to visit with Brad, pictured here.

Precious Metal Options

Martin Flyer uses platinum in their jewelry designs because it is one of the purest metals available. The white color of platinum accentuates the high quality diamonds seen in their gorgeous bridal sets. Martin Flyer engagement rings are also available in palladium, white and yellow gold. In your choice of Martin Flyer engagement rings, you are dealing with the experts. They understand which cut compliments best a setting to make the most eye-catching presentation. Palladium is a white and light precious metal that is less expensive than platinum but shines just as bright. It is rapidly making its mark in wedding jewelry. Partly due to Palladium’s lighter weight, more expert jewelry companies have begun using palladium in their fine fashion jewelry.

Martin Flyer FlyerFit line

In exquisite bridal sets, Martin Flyer engagement rings offer a new wedding set named the FlyerFit line. Handcrafted from 18k gold and platinum, the FlyerFit is an engagement ring and wedding band that fit perfectly together. It shows how two distinct partners can become inseparable without sacrificing their uniqueness. The FlyerFit collection is offered with the highest quality of metals and diamonds designed to work with the five most popular bridal settings of three-stone rings, solitaires, shared prong, channel, and micro pave.

As one of nation’s finest jewelry manufacturers, Martin Flyer held a FlyerFit design contest with the students of the Pratt Institute. A panel of industry professionals handpicked the first prizewinner, Julia Seltzer, based on creativity, marketability, and product viability. The winning design will be featured in select advertisements and displayed front and center at the 2009 Winter Centurion show.

Martin Flyer engagement rings feature a style to dazzle both onlookers and the lucky wearer. They have a dedicated nationwide sales staff to serve their valued customers and a full service factory in New York. Martin Flyer offers limitless choices of superior brilliance that never lose its shine. Whether you are in the market to buy a featured ring or to order a custom design, Martin Flyer jewelry is exemplary.

"The best way to keep love is to give it wings." Shop for Martin Flyer Engagement Rings