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Simon G

Unique and cutting-edge, yet at the same time evoking old-world elegance, Simon G designs are suited for those who desire individuality. Simon G, who established his company in 1981, is considered one of the most creative jewelers today, crafting beautifully detailed pieces from the most precious of materials. Jewelry design is his hobby and his life, according to the famous designer.


Born Simon Ghanimian, he grew up influenced by Armenian culture, which puts high regard on hard work, finely honed artisan skills and the pride brought by well-deserved success. Lasting values taught by his parents have become the philosophy behind Simon G's craft. The first among these values is to create each piece with the same amount of passion as he would create it for himself. Second is to make each creation a legacy, to be treasured by generations throughout time. Last but not least is to work "with the humble heart of a servant," as he now earnestly designs his jewelry with the future wearer in mind.

Precious Metal Options

Simon G engagement pieces feature superb artistry and innovation. The fact that he designs with almost every kind of precious metal has given him a wider market than designers who insist only on designing with platinum. Aside from platinum, Simon G uses different alloys like 18-karat yellow gold, white gold and even rose gold in such a way that strikingly complements the precious stones embedded in the piece.


Simon G uses high quality diamonds not just for the center stone of rings, but also for the rest of the mounting. Simon G designs are known for their exceptional pave settings. For pave designs, Simon G typically uses G-H color, SI1 clarity diamonds in a variety of cuts including round and kite brilliant cuts. Aside from sparkling white diamonds, Simon G is known for using natural colored diamonds and other gemstones, both well-known and rare.

Simon G engagement ring designs are truly distinctive because of their elaborate details that mostly give the pieces the look of an antique, when they are actually very fashion-forward. Engagement rings by this jeweler are really meant for women who have a clear idea of who they are and what they want, and who prefer styles that reflect their individuality.

Attention to Detail

Following a tradition that centers on excellence, Simon G engagement rings are crafted with extreme attention to detail. In fact, another aspect that makes Simon G jewelry so special is that even the interior surfaces are made as polished and as detailed as the exterior surfaces. This much effort and care goes to the making of the jewelry, despite the fact that Simon G is considered one of the more affordable designer jewelry brands.

Authorized Dealer

When buying a Simon G engagement ring, as with any designer-made piece, it is best to order from an authorized dealer. Authorized shops not only assure you of authenticity, but also make sure you get the full warranty issued by the manufacturer. An authorized dealer has passed the standard of the Simon G brand and would therefore know how to properly handle the jewelry to be delivered or serviced.

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